Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Political Correctness or the Minor Gods of Balderdash

Funny thing happened yesterday (pretend it's the 14th of August). (If you want to read about anything remotely connected with the title, please try The Chopstick Factor - there was a glitch in the cerebral Matrix.) The unforgettabIe day I joined the wondrous world of blogging I decided to randomly take a look at what was out there. Since I couldn’t sleep I saw loads of blogs so although not statistically significant one gets a pretty good idea of what’s happening. I came across quite a few with pictures of the authors. This is the bizarre part: 99% were Asians living in Asia. Being an Anthropologist, and unbelievably talented at that (even if somewhat extinct at this time), I immediatly sensed a paper and snapped to attention. I wonder. Does this mean that Asians:

1) Are more photogenic?
2) Think they are more photogenic?
3) Care less about their anonymity?
4) Couldn’t care less about their anonymity because who will ever meet them face to face, there being all those millions of them anyway?
5) Have to break free from their anonymity because who will ever meet them face to face, there being all those millions of them anyway?
6) Feel obligated to justify their multi-camera compulsion by actually taking pictures?
7) Feel obligated to prove they’re electronically savvy?
8) Feel the need to assert themselves individually, since most Asian societies are pretty regimented? (but this is a variation on 5)
This is all I came up with it. There must be a significance in it somewhere. I cannot see it. This is why I never cared for Cultural Anthropology. Help!

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At 20/8/04 19:59, Blogger Jay said...

At the risk of sounding serious, I think it's your sample population. I too have noticed that on Blogger, but not on Xanga, or LJ. But, on LJ, you can filter searches by location, so it's possible that my data was skewed, and the phenomenon exists there as well.

Could be a cultural thing. On a few of my blogs, I don't have a pic of myself because I don't want to be recognized there. Perhaps the population in question does not have the same fear of being "discovered."

But, I know nothing, so I can only speculate. Interesting observation though, even for an aspiring XXX movie starlette. (No envy or anything, even though that was my life's goal for about six months back in '99.) (You’re right, that makes it funnier.)

I apologize for my butchering of your beautiful language. How was I to know that Portuguese was spoken in other places besides Portugal?

Get some sleep dude!


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