Friday, August 18, 2006

Hi, dahlings!

Yellow guys, I'm back, slimmer, tanned and fully rested. And tanned. AND, I am also tanned. TANNED, I tell you. See? That hasn't happened since the last century. Literally.

I know, I know, not the best photo. But I will post more and I do not look particularly tanned in those for reasons I can't understand so the mirror it is. Actually, what made me decide to post it was how much I look like my father in it, which I forget I do bcs my face lost its roundness. But I do still. Yey genes! In real life, though, my eyes are blue, not red, and I do not have a lightning bolt across the left pupil.

My afro and I had a fabulous time! [I did fix the orange hair and have now really dark brown hair in some strands, the darkest I've ever been. Lesson learnt.]

We had amazing weather and the sea was lovely, and in the late afternoon it even built a pool of sorts, with still waters. I had to battle a surprising wave phobia daily, and thought of Uzi daily as the waves crashed over me, but by the end of it I was able to turn the lead in the pit of my stomach into something Tigish, and therefore good. The beach was divine, we often managed to stay till 21.00 a few times, like this:

My friend and I loved our time there, and she and the dog bonded:

The dog absolutely adores the beach. She loses her mind when loose on the beach, first she runs around in circles barking dementedly and then she goes play in the waves. She also attempts to dig a tunnel to Tibet, her personal honouring of Prtachett and Gaiman's Good Omens. But she gets bored easily:

Teasing an exceedingly hysterical dog is almost too easy.

Sometimes she even needs to be restrained.

What one should NOT do, I learnt, is turn one's back on one's exceedingly hysterical dog, or this will happen.

She achieved full dental contact and there is still a bruise on my right buttock to prove it.

Shabbat shalom, you all, I've missed you!

Signed: She Who Survived 19 Days Without Internet, And Also She Who Passed Imagiology As Well, So Only 3 More Exams Till This Year's 17 Subjects Are Done.