Monday, August 23, 2004

The way men fall asleep

Men twitch as they fall asleep.

They do it as teenagers - I remember lying on the beach flanked by male friends and suddenly feeling as though I'd stepped into a mute Tourette movie. The first of many encounters with the Master of pre-REM.

They do it as adults - and often do not even know they do it, a most extraordinary thing considering they twitch so intensely at times it is enough to pull me back from the brink of sleep (where I often teeter just for the sake of it to quickly retreat on my own anyway- case in point being now.).

And apparently, they do it all across the world.

Why? WHY?

I have twitch-envy. Trust it to happen to me.

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At 12/9/04 02:30, Blogger Jay said...


and now it all makes sense

At 12/9/04 03:02, Blogger The Lioness said...

Jay, I came across a blog from a kid apologising to all the foreigners whose blogs in foreign languages he'd stumbled upon and commented on with stuff like "Exactly" and "Well done". Are you by any chance doing the same to me? I'd have to cut you, you know.


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