Saturday, October 02, 2004

And now for something totally frivolous

(I'm trying out this cute little orange toolbar button I've just noticed that says Blog This!)

I am watching the very first Buffy episode. THE VERY FIRST. I'd never seen it before. I love this show, I seriously do! "Because you are the Slayer blah blah born to blah blah centuries blah blah destroy vampires blah blah". BRILLIANT! Buffy KICKS ASS! Also literally.

"The Sleeper will wake and the world will bleed." How can anyone not love this?

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At 3/10/04 01:33, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Yes! I loved that episode. I didn't see it until my incredibly wonderful friends bought me a DVD player and the First Season of Buffy. It was so great.

Joss Whedon, oh, how I love you.

And Buffy is never frivolous. Buffy is kick ass!

At 3/10/04 01:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to go see who this Joss person was - and now I may just love him a little bit too! And you know what I mean, you have been reading my last posts! Frivolous is good, though, frivolous is ÓPTIMO!!! And so is Buffy! And this is one more exclamation mark, just because!

At 3/10/04 01:39, Blogger The Lioness said...

And that was me! !!! !!!


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