Friday, October 15, 2004


This I had to post about.
Some delightful person found me through following search: "Lioness + vagina". I suppose I had it coming somewhat but tell me, anyone else see ANYTHING TWISTED about this search? You can't tell me he's a wildlife vet specialising in feline reproduction! I mean you can but I won't believe you because for that you'd use a whole different set of search words so WTF???!!!
His visit lasted all of 6 secs. What, I'm not sexy enough? Shocker. Dude at, UTC -8:00, really: go get some help NOW. And STAY AWAY from the cages, you little freak! (See?)
At least I was right there with A Little Pregnant! (*Very Enthusiastic Wave*) (Not that she knows me but I read her and I'm friendly that way)

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