Sunday, October 17, 2004

Well done, Lioness, WELL DONE!

Remember this, and this, and this, and this as well?

It's 2.57 am
I am awake.
I debate whether I should.
I decide I MUST.
I go get a Stilnox.
I swallow it.
The shape feels vaguely funny.
I look at the box.
I realise I've swallowed a worming pill.

I may be a cursing insomniac,
But my inner beauty will ASTOUND you.

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At 17/10/04 04:41, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Your inner beauty already astounds me. But my goodness, woman, shouldn't you be taking these pills a little earlier and oh, I don't know, with the lights on?

At 17/10/04 05:46, Blogger Jay said...

while it is true that I have been abducted, it was not aliens, but rather gypsies. they hope to have me returned safely and soundly, and back to my old self by Tuesday. (we'll chat then, promise. lots to tell)

At 17/10/04 06:21, Blogger Meh said...

I am seriously worried about you now, although at least you dont have worms, that's a v attractive feature.

At 17/10/04 07:09, Blogger brooksba said...


You are truly beautiful. I'm glad you don't have worms. And now you can be sure. I agree with DM, you should have the lights on. I'm glad it was just a worming pill though.

Oh. That's all I can say.


At 17/10/04 13:09, Blogger The Lioness said...

DM+B+T, thank you kindly, the lights WERE on and there's really nothing around the house that could kill me, the animals' pills are in a different drawer, this happened bcs I had been shoving one down a pretty little throat earlier on and the remaining pill was on top of the Stilnox box in the living-room (and THAT was most DUMB!). I didn't take anthing earlier bcs I was trying to see whether I'd fall asleep on my own (3 am is relativelly early, believe me).

T, alwyas an honoUr. I'll be alright. Were you here and still NO FLOWER from ZA? CLICK ON THE GUEST MAP and pin a flower! It's right below the pretty aqua green quote that explains the title of my blog - see? You could be generous AND sate your curiousity! Plus, putting YOUR pin on MY map would make you lank cool.

Jay - why, I do believe I fainted. You'd better have 30 new posts, or a contract from SNL! Nice to see you breathing though.

I slept 9 (nine!) hours and feel reaaaaaaally rested, if a bit zonked out - which the Stilnox isn't supposed to do. Tonight I'll take only half. But I just woke up and I'm smiling - and oh, WHAT A RARE SIGHT that is!

At 17/10/04 14:43, Blogger D said...

Funny. My pitbull always falls straight asleep after I administer a worming pill (I prefer to do this orally). So perhaps instinctively you took the right pill. Are you by any chance a pitbull?

At 17/10/04 14:51, Blogger The Lioness said..., this blog is...

Actually, when I'm not sleeping I could very well pass for a very badly trained one, so I suppose I could be...

Actually, very disturbing idea considering the pre-existent -I wish - feline DNA, the thought of looking terribly offended WHILE licking my balls is too much for me.

At 17/10/04 15:01, Blogger The Lioness said...

Belinfante, blow me, I BOW to you, o noble one! That's a beautiful surname, actually, very Pessoan, as it were. (You were lucky you were allowed out, some of us - not so lucky and Christianity has its dirty way. Oof.) Thanks for the flower, it's very silly but I do so LIKE them! Pretty flowers on the map, lekker.

At 18/10/04 02:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Christianity has its dirty way."


At 18/10/04 06:01, Blogger The Lioness said...

HAD its dirty way.


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