Saturday, November 27, 2004

The All Blacks will kick ass NOW!

The All Blacks are playing France in Paris, beginning NOW!!! And the match is broadcast LIVE on TV5 - YEY, they're walking into the stadium!!! HAKA COMING!!! Thank God I speak French, I won't miss a thing!!!!!!!

I'm so fucking excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- The HAKA was bloody fabulous!!! I'm even more excited now if possible!

- The commentator is telling us ladies to "shut your eyes now, the camera is zooming in on X's posterior!" Is he mad??? THAT's half the fun!

- Oh these bloody French and their appaling mangling of foreign words, I can't understand A SINGLE Maori name! But NZ is winning, all that matters!

- Blood's been drawn, a Frenchie is bleeding, "ta gueule!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

- (I'm scaring myself a bit here)

- This is brilliant, you can hear the referree talking to them and their answers REALLY CLEARLY!

- Hell, now MINE are bleeding as well (Chris Jack, poor thing!)

- Froggie who do you think you're fooling, get up already, be a man!

- Dan Carter scored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12-6!

- This is bad for my lungs, BAD!

- My hearing has fine-tuned, I'm alright with the names now

- Commentator: "But the New-Zealanders are ravenous, they play like they've been starved!" "The French are suffering!"

- BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!! Tana Umaga (captain) resisted 2 tackles and YEY!!!!!!!! TRY! It was gorgeous to watch!!!

- 19-6!!!

- Meanwhile, dog has flown from sofa scared out of her wits w my cheering more often than I can count. And still she keeps returning.

- This truly is a gentlemen's game AND brutally honest, there is no padding whatsoever. if you bleed you get sent to the blood-bin where they either manage to stop the bleeding (stitching on the spot has been known to happen) or you are replaced by a ... blood-sub. How thoughtful. See what I mean? And you may scream at the ref but please call him "Sir" - at all times.

- Collins ROCKS!!!!!!!! WELL DONE! 24-6!!! And this is the second half already!

- These All Blacks are PURE MAGIC, "Les Fran├žais n'en peuvent absolument plus!" - YOU BET YOUR SORRY ARSE! "The All Blacks are teaching us a lesson" "They have the finesse, the technique, the power."

- 3rd NZ try!!!! This Carter is genius, I think I'm a bit in love! 33-6!

- ANOTHER TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KELLEHER, that was bloody beautiful!!! 38-6

- Ooohhh... It's alright Carter, don't look like that.

- NOW the French have woken up it seems and "are giving it all". Pfff, a bit late isn't it. Don't bother, the All Blacks ARE the best!

- It is unbelievable how fit they are, this is their last game and they're indefatigable!

- Now that was uncalled for, how about some fairplay, Frenchie? No need to get violent is there. Take it like a man for pity's sake!

- Kelleher is down, how did that happen? What happened??? I HATE not knowing enough!

- THEY DID IT AGAIN!!! The bloke with the blondified rasta hair, yey!!!

- YEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!! Carter did it again! Game's over! THE ALL BLACKS WON!!! 45-6! What a bloody gorgeous game, GORGEOUS!

I am SO in love with this game.

TOLD you the All Blacks would kick ass!!!


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At 28/11/04 10:01, Blogger Zilchman said...

Hey, that All Blacks piece was simply wonderful! Best yet. Pity though you don't support the Wallabies.

L Zilchman

At 29/11/04 21:32, Blogger brooksba said...

Hi Lioness,

It sounds like it was a great game. Maybe this is a dumb question, but please forgive the ignorant American. What sport was it? Was it rugby? The score seems to high for soccer and I doubt it was American football. Thanks.


At 29/11/04 22:25, Blogger The Lioness said...

No no no no american football or soccer, NEVER! Rugby it is, RUGBY!!! THE BEST!

At 30/11/04 13:32, Blogger Ed said...

The All Blacks were very lucky to beat Wales though. Curse that stadium clock....


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