Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I want me some hypocretin hyper-secretion

Bees do it.

Bears do it.

Even some lizards do it.

Me? I can't even manage half the sleeping patterns of a bloody dolphin [and let NO ONE start ooohing and aaahing over the Flipper crap! I could tell you stories about them - as a matter of fact I will, it's on the list]! Which is HILARIOUS when you think about it bcs that would leave me with what, 1/4 of what I actually need which BTW is 1/4 more than what I'm getting RIGHT NOW!!!

Hypocretin. The name says it all. At this rate, what with my brain cells fast undergoing inexorable annihilation, that's what I'll end up being: BELOW cretin, with the IQ of a turnip. A very pissed off turnip. Hardly a pretty sight. Excuse me while I cough up a furball will you.

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At 24/11/04 10:57, Blogger Ana said...

I'm sorry your dealing wth this, it sucks. I hope you ended up getting some sleep.

At 24/11/04 15:35, Blogger D said...

Haven't you heard? Lionesses do it as well.
And as I said before, I know at least one thing that definitely works. I was once married to an insomniac. She used to sleepwalk as well, never knew some people really do that.
Anyway, we found out what worked. Takes a certain degree of intimacy however, and although I'm no longer married to Simone, I am now married to Eugenie. And she's very jealous. Perhaps in the interest of science...


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