Sunday, November 21, 2004

I've been to London to look at the Queen

- Hallo, X here, how can I help you?
- Hallo, my internet connection is down. There are only two lit lights on my modem. Are you having any trouble with the server?
- No, not that I know of. Did anything happen?
- Not that I noticed, it just went dead all of a sudden.
- Could you restart your computer?
- I’ve done that already.
- Alright. Would you mind disconnecting and connecting your modem again?
- I’ve done that as well.
- You unplugged and replugged all the cables?
- Yes
- Uhm
- …
- Do you see the on/off button?
- Yes.
- Click it once very gently.
- Oh! The four lights are back on!
- Good! Your modem was on standby, now you know what your problem was.
- Yes I do. It's called CAT.
- Oh! Good grief, I know exactly what you’re talking about! Mine also rubs her face against every little thing she can reach.
- Yes, I can imagine. You should have included it in the troubleshooting booklet.
- At least next time you’ll know how to fix it immediately.
- I will won’t I. Well, thank you very much.
- You’re welcome.

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At 22/11/04 01:55, Blogger Lala said...

very cute story, very annoying occurence.

At 24/11/04 06:13, Blogger brooksba said...


This was cute! I liked the post. Thanks for the smile.



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