Saturday, November 27, 2004

Which Really, REALLY Surprised Her!

This is my dog. She is NOT like other dogs. And it’s not because she’s far more beautiful, fearful and thicker than any other dog, no.

I was organising .docs a while ago and she was lying on the sofa next to me. I suddenly realised she was very still, a very intent look about her, transfixed by the telly. I followed her gaze and bloody hell,


As the dancers twirled and leapt about, she tilted her head accordingly. When they went off stage, she kept her head tilted till they or some new ones returned. She stayed like that ALMOST 10 MINUTES! Then a cat dared to walk in and the spell was broken since no matter is more pressing than the urge to grab a very much suspecting and already protesting cat by the neck and thus induce cat to hiss claw eviscerate play.

Do you realise what this means? My dog is part of an art-appreciative ELITE. My dog shows true AESTHETIC DISCERNMENT. This should be included here you know. MY DOG LIKES BALLET! But only modern one, mind you. She's a bit of a contemporary snob, it seems.

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At 27/11/04 20:40, Blogger brooksba said...


That is so cute! I like Papoila. Very beautiful.


At 29/11/04 12:13, Blogger Ana said...

Cute! I will have to post some pics of my dog too, though he is too stupid to enjoy ballet.

At 14/7/05 20:16, Anonymous Manuela said...

She is GORGEOUS! What a stunning photograph... her eyes are so expressive... I could just gobble her up off the screen. And ballet? That is simply too divine... I wonder how she would react to a live performance... hmmm...


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