Friday, November 12, 2004


What the hell are Blogshares? I mean, I do understand the concept of the game but - how and why am I there? It's entirely possible I joined and don't remember but it's still a bit of a puzzle. And WHY HAS MY SHARE PRICE TAKEN A PLUNGE??? Now I'm depressed over something I don't fully understand.

(Well, not really, sounds more dramatic this way though. Pretend I'm a damsel in distress, so much fun. And for all you know, I MAY be so go saddle the horsey already.)

So, lurkers and commenters at large, if any of you play The Game or know your way around stocks and such (DM? Beth? Donald?) and fancy
lending a hand, let me know what the whole thing means. And lurkers, you do know you may leave ANONYMMOUS comments right? You're frustrating little things. I KNOW many of you spend time here REPEATEDLY and have never, EVER bothered to say a thing. BAD, BAD LURKERS.


At 12/11/04 15:30, Blogger Ana said...

Ok, ok I heard you. I admit I do spend some time on your blog and have never said anything before. Well, here it goes...
Congratulations on your blog, it is a fun and interesting read.


Now if you want to know more about me :


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