Saturday, November 20, 2004

The real McCoy

Yes, that was the real thing [follow link at your own peril]. Genetic coding gone rogue, I'm afraid. I never dreamt a tiny willie would cause such a commotion. Dahling anon, I'm sorry to hear it made you scream. I didn't find it scary or repulsive at all, just so bloody interesting! But I imagine the whole thing weighs heavily on the poor man [!]. It should be pretty easy to fix though [!!!] [I'll quit it now].

I'm nothing if not educational. Just admit it, people, stop being coy: you find it FASCINATING as well. Innit?


At 20/11/04 19:41, Blogger ontheface said...

I was the "darling anon" - for some reason blogger comments didn't pick up on my ID info. Don't worry, I've gotten over the shock. And yeah, I admit it: it's fascinating.

At 20/11/04 22:31, Blogger Lala said...

Let me get this straight. He has TWO penises? One of which is VERY small? Both of which have been circumsised?
Interesting......story to tell at a party.

At 20/11/04 23:41, Blogger The Lioness said...

VERY thorough mohel.

At 20/11/04 23:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a Jewish thing?

At 21/11/04 02:42, Blogger The Lioness said...

Argh, that was me.


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