Saturday, November 20, 2004

New Pro Bono Weekly (and some serious HOTNESS)

Leonard Lee, the Kiwi gone Aussie, the man who is mad enough to NOT support the All Blacks*.

How dare he!


* Scroll down till you find a link for All Black 1997 Haka - play it. Then try and tell me it DOESN'T make you want to start randomly breeding! You may tell me but I WON'T BELIEVE YOU. There was a William Lawson's commercial on the telly years ago. Huge stadium. All Blacks (I think it was them) and Scots wearing nothing but kilts [I love the Haka. I love men in kilts. Also in clogs but you don't care abt that. Sadly]. The rugby players do their Maori thing. The Haka must have scared a few brave men in its time. The Scots were unimpressed and just lifted their kilts. All of them. Simultaneously. SO HOT IT HURT! The commercial isn't shown anymore. And life, I can assure you, is bleaker. If hormonally more balanced.

Oh wait. Found it! DOWNLOADED IT! It’s a good thing I don’t know how to link .mpeg files or there’d be wanton behaviour all over the blogosphere. Life IS sweet. And very, very, VERY LEKKER!



At 21/11/04 09:18, Blogger Beleobus said...

If you had a proper, contextual translation of the All Blacks Hakka, you would not love it.

In short... a man running away from his duties hides under a womans skirt in the fields, he looks up and cannot see the sky.

I'll leave you to fill in the blanks.

Cheers, and sorry to any Kiwi's I've just offended.

At 21/11/04 12:49, Blogger The Lioness said...

I did know and I SO choose not to care! I'm only in it for the [shallow] hotness of it all. Seriously. Aren't I superficial at times??? So cool! ;D

At 22/11/04 08:55, Blogger D said...

Can't believe Encarta mentions S-Africa but not Holland (except in historical sense). There is no proper translation for the word 'lekker' in English, and it still very much in use in Dutch!
Applies to anything that feels, tastes, or smells good. Or if something looks as if it might do well with the previous three senses, than it can also look 'lekker'.

At 22/11/04 17:28, Blogger The Lioness said...

I know, I wondered abt that too. It's also used in German (lecker) and may also be used for people and people's parts but I like the Dutch version better.

At 16/12/04 09:49, Blogger paulmonster said...

Ah, rugby.
This reminds me of the time when I was in AmeriCorps (US domestic Peace Corps), and my team was posted with the US Women's Rugby Championship in San Diego, and we provided on-site manpower--that is, crowd control, making sure the gatorade kegs were full, that sort of thing.
It was me in my scraggly grey AmeriCorps uniform, surrounded by legions of deadly gorgeous Amazon titanesses, with fists that could crush watermelons in their grip, with legs like those cords of steel cables you see holding up suspension bridges. It was bloody. It was savage. The atmosphere was thick with estrogen. I was a mushy puddle of lovesick goo the entire time.
During warmups, these bronze empresses would run laps, and if they had to pee, they'd squat and hold their shorts out of the way for modesty's sake, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD. And if you looked at them the wrong way, they would break you like a matchstick and pick their teeth with your bone fragments.
They gave me a souvenir rugby ball. My most treasured possession, hands down. One day, I'll be bandying my grandkid, and I'll show them this immaculate rugby ball and say, "This is the most important family heirloom ever. No, don't touch it. Don't even look at it. This is the only earthly evidence of that precious day when your poor old Grandpapa was swimming in little hormones everywhere. Now run along before your breathing tarnishes it's lustrous patina." Lekker, indeed.


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