Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Return of the Anti-Nerd

In my best “Eu dou mas também sei levar!” style:

[NOTA: para efeito dramático, pôr mão na anca, think “Alfama”]

[What? Well, I can’t help that can I? Oh, alright. Here: "I may lash out but I can take it as well!" For dramatic effect, place your hand on your hip while saying it, think “Ghetto”. Due to cultural differences, you may also move your head sideways. This doesn’t work for
Alfama though, which is far more a “knife in the garter” sort of place]

XHIBIT 1: Email from Dany

"More tags! Arafat is <> dead < / strike > in stable condition, knock yourself out!"

EXHIBIT 2: My reply

"Oof, i don't get it..."

EXHIBIT 3: Excerpt from Dany’s comment on my post

"PS: Did you receive my StrikeThru tags advice?"

EXHIBIT 4: Excerpt from my reply to his comment

" I did get it and replied I didn't get it."

Delayed Neural Activity: Penny just dropped. It’s NOT an Arafat joke. It’s a tag. JUST LIKE IT SAYS ON THE EMAIL!

Oh bloody hell.

I believe I DID knock myself out and the brain swelling has not gone down YET. The humiliation!!!


(It’s so obvious I’ll be addicted to this now… Thanks Dany. I hope. Just remember everyone, you saw it here first.)


At 16/11/04 20:11, Blogger Lala said...

s'ok, I had to read it twice to "get" it.

At 17/11/04 15:51, Blogger D said...

LOL! I'm gonna have to throw you some advanced DHTML soon, you're getting to be quite the Nerd these days, if only for your frustration for not IMMEDIATELY 'getting' what I meant. I only mailed you the tags 'cause I read somewhere you wanted to strikethru something, and I guess I neglegted to refer to that post. So no wonder you thought it was just another nasty Arafat-crack (no pun intended).
I like your self-chastizing, so I'm gonna torture you with things you wanna use but that will take more than 5 secs for you to 'get'. You git.
Can't wait. HA! I KILL ME!


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