Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Girls only!

(I'm serious. In the best BBB tradition, free your body, its organs, its ailments. This will be a severely girl post, the sort males don’t much care for. Anyway, you wouldn’t understand bcs it will NEVER happen to you. So I’m warning you now, stop the rubbish and go read something else. Give it a few minutes and there’’ll be new posts here. If you DO read, I don’t want to hear a SINGLE word from you. Keep mum. Because I’m very pissed off today.)


I never get PMT (PMS, you name it). But since the day before yesterday my boobs have been trying to fly its coop. They are giving me grief, bloody hell but it is annoying to be this sore and swollen! I walked around with make-up pads in my bra on Monday. Bit better yesterday and today.

Does this happen to you? What do you do, any advice?

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At 1/12/04 16:14, Blogger annebrev said...

Hiya, Lioness - How's vet school coming along? I sort of "met" you on Rabbit Lived's site. Thank you for your encouragement re: veterinary medicine!

Just wanted to say... yes, this does happen with my boobs as well, and there's really not much I can do about it. Sometimes it helps to wear a sports bra instead of the regular one - cuts down on the jiggling. However, if you go for a run whilst boobs are in said condition... all bets are off. It hurts to run on days like this - I speak from experience. Oh, femininity! What fun!

Hope you're doing well.
take care,

At 1/12/04 17:25, Blogger The Lioness said...

Hi Dahling, welcome. For vet school updates, check the Yorkshire category, that's the one you'll find most interesting. A sports bra sounds brilliant, there will be no jiggling done (the thought alone is killing me!) - read "no salsa dancing" - till a) this goes away; b) one is bought. Very good advice, thanks! [GO TO VET SCHOOL! ;D]

At 1/12/04 17:28, Blogger Noorster said...

Happens to me, too. My boobs grow about one size so I even got myself a bra that I only wear on PMS days. They also hurt when touched.

At 1/12/04 17:38, Blogger The Lioness said...

IAIKS, don't say "touch"! Are you mad???

At 1/12/04 20:25, Blogger brooksba said...


I also don't suffer from PMS, but lately my boobs have felt the pain during the cycle. I don't know if it's a sign of aging or what. I remember my mom always staying away from caffine during her cycle and it helped her, I guess.

I understand what you mean and I hope the bad feeling goes away.


At 2/12/04 05:14, Blogger Jen P said...

There's a brilliant herb called Chastetree Berry or commonly called Vitex (sold as Vitex in most places I think) that taken from CD1 to CD1 produces huge effects in calming sore boobs and other pms symptoms. The sore boobs is from a rise in progesterone after you ovulate (or from hormone changes). I don't know if you're on the pill or not, because the pill constantly feeds your body progesterone, so yours could be a sudden loss of progesterone right before you bleed if you are on the sugar pill part of your cycle. The sudden loss would cause your body to overproduce the prog and that would send your boobs to hell.

Vitex is probably not compatible with the Pill, so if you're on it, don't take my advice, but if you're not on the pill it's a blessing. It does tend to make your ovaries uber fertile, so take precautions, etc if so needed.

Also, a brilliant essential amino acid-like herb called Evening Primrose Oil is beautiful in treating PMS symptoms. It works wonders and can be used on or off the pill. I have taken it for almost a year now and it's a blessing. Take 1000mg a day and you'll see results in about 4 weeks.

For whatever reason, by adding this natural acid back into the body tends to make periods less awful and tends to calm the hormones. It will tend to make you 'wetter' as it's the amino acid that increases vaginal wetness.

Hope these suggestions are ok. I am a hell-bitch when pms strikes. But both those herbs have been wonderful for me.

Best wishes Lioness!

At 2/12/04 05:38, Blogger The Lioness said...

Jen P: I'm not so that's not it. Maybe my ovaries just decided to work this month? As opposed to their general laid back attitude; "uber fertile" ovaries: THAT I'd pay to see (don't ovulate all that often, I might yet join you one day); "so take precautions" - it would be the Messiah, trust me.

"Evening Primrose Oil", I've heard abt this for my skin, have been wanting to give it a try. I never get this, or hardly ever, so the 4 week thing is just - oh well, by the time it happens boobs'll have bounced back. But bloody good to know!

"It will tend to make you 'wetter' as it's the amino acid that increases vaginal wetness." :DDDDDDDDd And this is why I love the BBB, straight up, no ice needed but add for jingly fun. Let's hear it for best blog entry EVER! You so fucking rock! Thanks dahling, hope you feel better.

At 4/12/04 22:37, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Um, I don't have this problem. What I do have is a period that will not go away. I am serious. I have had my period for at least twelve months straight. Most of the time it's really light and not so much of a big deal. But other days, yikes. Craziness. I can get a prescription for Provera which is like a chemical D&C and then it'll stop for about six months. But before it stops, there is a gushing (sorry to be so graphic) which can only be compared to the red sea.

It's awful. I'll trade you for the swollen breasts. Sometimes I hate being a girl. I have considered asking for a hysterectomy. What's the point in having a uterus? I'm not going to have kids.


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