Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sweet Chocolate Lioness Jazz

Oh, insomnia, how do I love thee? As per Noorster, I pimpafied myself. I take whatever distractions come my way right now. I kept clicking bcs a) I got nothing better to do at 4.30 am, sad as that is; b) it’s addictive; c) I started viewing it as a sort of pimpish runes, if you know what I mean. I have been enlightened.

Treat with appropriate reverence.

Magic Tickle. Lioness Smooth
Lioness’ skin is very smooth, yes [some of it anyway, let’s not do this now] and her moves? Astonishing. You should see her dancing salsa. And Lioness is VERY ticklish and loves it, ABSOLUTELY loves it. Also having her feet massaged with oil.
Allogrooming in general is always warmly embraced [pun intended], Lioness is unashamedly touchy-feely. Lioness is MOST PARTIAL to this particular brand of pimping.

Sticky Fingers Lioness Fresh
A bit of a tricky one. Lioness does not have sticky fingers and does not find them attractive per se. But if they are sticky from MASSAGE OIL, ahhh, yes. Or from condensed milk. Or ripe STRAWBERRIES. Lioness finds freshness VERY ATTRACTIVE. The smell of laundry, wet soil after the rain, a man’s neck where it joins the shoulder. Lioness also does her best to ALWAYS be fresh and fragrant herself outside of the necropsy room in her brand of choice, increasingly difficult since Portie Laura Ashley stores NO LONGER carry Nº1. [For shame!]

Delicious Lioness Slim
Stop, you’re embarrassing Lioness. And yes, at this rate Lioness will be even slimmer because Lioness can be exceedingly daft. Although, rest assured she bears evolutionary proof of her femininity; Lioness’
steatopygic assets will, regardless, always be able to sustain her through famine [don’t fret now, her boobs are much much perkier and her belly's still flat].

Silicon Slick Lioness Wicked
Lioness may be wicked OCCASIONALLY [it’s the professional-looking lab coat, she can’t help herself] but has had no enhancements except for a belly button piercing. Which, quite frankly, ROCKS. Lioness feels silicon should ONLY be worn on the outside and ONLY if there are breathing holes.

Silver Tongue Lioness Silk
Lioness does NOT know how to address the tongue issue without sounding like a ho or, perish the thought, a BORING ho, so she will not touch this AT ALL. But a cat can dream, can’t she? Lioness only likes natural fabrics, silk, cotton, no rough wools, that much is true.

Big Playah Lioness Kicks
Lioness isn’t a Playah AT ALL and cannot stand Playahs because life’s too short and love too important for stupid games. So yes, Lioness HAS kicked some ass in the past and is likely to kick some more in the future. Lioness has also developed a little anthropological theory because Playahs often are
inhalahs, preferring quantity to quality - and gropingly so. Lioness doesn’t much care for random anatomic rearrangement attempts. If Playahs are feeling randy in her vicinity, they are very much ENCOURAGED to go fuck themselves.

Delicious Lioness Gates
Wouldn’t you like to know.

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At 9/12/04 10:09, Blogger Ana said...

My friend, you are too funny!

At 10/12/04 08:24, Blogger paulmonster said...

For real, yo. Girl, mm-mm. You be pimpin'.

Mr. White Chocolate Paulmonster Schmoove

At 10/12/04 14:22, Blogger The Lioness said...



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