Saturday, April 09, 2005

Samuel's flown home

Remember Samuel? He left yesterday evening. His surgery was a smashing success - he didn't even need a prosthetic device, there was enough of a penis stump left to reconstruct. The brilliant news is, he's already had two erections; we know that mechanically and hydraulically speaking everything is functioning properly. He has suffered so much though. His bladder infection took a long while to heal, delaying the exams and the surgeries, the surgeries themselves and the recovery period were plenty, then one of the grafts didn't take and his skin had to be scrubbed and - well, it was all rather morose and painful. He is finally physically whole, impossible as it so often seemed. We are thrilled with his recovery,a dn very very sad. He gained 21 kg (46 pounds) you know. He's been eating properly, had regular meals, been generally well-treated/spoilt and given proper meds on time. He will now go back to abject poverty, a family that is often split up bcs parents need to work away from home, no one to mind what he's taking or not taking, no more comforts, regular food, clothes, toys. The end.

We are fucking heartbroken. There should be only joy but truly, it's all rather bleak. I can only hope he'll keep on fighting, now that he knows how good life can be, so he'll be able to have it all again some day.


Bloody terrible time to quit smoking. Haven't had a fag in almost 72 h. I miss the handling of the ciggie, not the ciggie itself. I never have nicotine cravings (I get more grief from coke withdrawal actually, the caffeine deprivation migraines are the pits), it's the socialness of it that makes me slip and start smoking again. On the upside, my flat smells brill all the time and so do my hair and clothes! And I'll have an extra 75 Euros a month (abt 100 USD). Care to guess?

[Already got this for half the price bcs of slight damage to back - who cares abt back, it will be covered by books!]


At 9/4/05 13:31, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Wonderful! I am so happy to hear that he recovered well. The sad thing, of course, is returning to the abject poverty.

Oh, crap. You quit smoking? Dang it. No, no, that's great and I'm happy for you and I will gladly smoke outside while I am visiting.

Can you believe that it's only a little over a week? I am getting so excited!

At 9/4/05 13:35, Blogger Eliyahu said...

wonderful you quit, not just stopped, smoking. how are you doing on the repeat after me program?

At 9/4/05 13:36, Blogger Diana said...

Funny, I was just thinking about him yesterday. Sad. But better than he was. Completely amazing he didn't need the prosthesis. I am wondering if he will be accepted, now. People baffle me often. On a happier note, a very large Congratulations! and Mazel Tov! on giving up the ciggies. Lovely use you are putting your new found wealth. I wish we lived nearer to IKEA.

At 9/4/05 13:41, Blogger The Lioness said...

Oops, yes, I did. Sorry! I should hurry up w the book list then right? Will send it off in a while then.

E., :DDDD! Some days are better than others. That always makes me laugh though.

D., you just gave me a fright, I thought "But how does she know??" BAD LURKER. I know, it was really a miraculous thing. He'll come back in 2 years for minor repair work (bcs of the graft that didn't take) but it looks good. I live 10 min away from Ikea, come round!

At 9/4/05 19:14, Blogger Savtadotty said...

Even before I clicked, I said to myself I bet she bought Billy bookcase, because my apt. is full of Billy bookcases, stacked on top of other Billy bookcases (v. high ceilings in old Tel Aviv apts), and both stacked on top of Billy cabinets with doors, all assembled and installed by moi! SuperSavta! Yeah! Wait a minute...whose blog is this? Ooops. Sorry. The only trouble with Billy is it lasts forever. We should all have that trouble.

At 9/4/05 22:22, Blogger Daphna said...

Kol Hakavod on giving up the cigs. I quit about7 years ago after smoking for almost 10 years so I feel your pain! Take it one day at a time. The first couple weeks can be the hardest. If you don't have nicotine cravings, you are already way ahead. I *still* get nicotine cravings when I am tired or stressed--and that after 7 years! You just learn to ignore them.

Use that saved money for fun stuff!

At 10/4/05 10:40, Blogger Udge said...

One can never have too many bookcases, and Billy is always a sound choice. As is giving up smoking, good for you.

At 10/4/05 15:47, Blogger Noorster said...

Kol HaKavod!
I once quit smoking for financial reasons but ended up smoking everyone else's cigarettes - I just quit buying them, not smoking them. So now I'm back to the whole pack-a-day spending game.

At 10/4/05 17:30, Blogger Serialangel said...

My best friend is wetting herself over the film coming out, and I still have to read the book to be complete or something or other.

I'm so happy about Samuel. I wondered about him from time to time and I'm happy he's got his health, which is the most important thing, but its sad he's returning to such poverty. I send him my love.

I've never been addicted to ciggies, they sound 'orrible, really - it just messes you inside so much it doesn't make sense, but hey I can't talk. I heard gum helps. You could start gardening, or doing wordsearches/crosswords to keep your hands busy. Or write in your blog more. See? Positive all round

At 10/4/05 21:31, Blogger amyesq said...

Great news about Samuel! A whole again as he can be. Good luck with the smoking thing. I hear is it an absolute bitch to stop.

At 11/4/05 05:40, Blogger sirbarrett said...

Well, the most uplifting thing is that Samuel is recovering. I'm amazed that he can get it up. He's had it rough but hopefully he'll find some way of getting through it all. As you said, he's a smart kid.

As for you: you're on your way to IKEA baby! I'm sure Samuel reminded you of smoking but remember that he was shocked by it because it doesn't go with such an intellegent young lady as yourself. So keep it up. You'll smell delicious.

At 11/4/05 08:42, Blogger The Lioness said...

BC, good God, you're amazed he can GET IT UP? Put like that yes, a bit surprising. And I already smell good, that's why expensive little bottles were invented, the only difference now is, there's no eau de tabac mixed in w it.

S., I'll not see the movie ever, there's no chance it will be any good so why even bother.

A., it's not really a bitch to stop, for me. Much like the psychiatric lightbulb, I simply must truly want it, then it's fairly easy and a clean break. I quit, that's it. And the nice clean smell in the flat whenever I walk in is a constant herring, positively reinforcing my decision. That and the whiff I get from other people's, bloody awful, have always hated fag pong.


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