Monday, March 28, 2005

Notes from the Dungeons

My friend just rang me. A stilted conversation followed bcs it’s been a bloody awful day and I didn’t feel like saying much. And then:

Friend: You sound sad. Are you sad?
Victim: … A bit.
Friend: I see. Over anything in particular?
Victim: Er, the usual, you know, UZI’S DEATH?
Friend: Right. But are you sad over anything else, as well?
Victim: Well no, this will do fine for now, thanks. *projectile furball*

Friend, have you by any chance been using that part of your brain responsible for your current relationship AGAIN? Also, thank you very much for bringing a ho to my birthday party, it gave us something to talk abt. What, that was your girlfriend you say? Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t recognise her, I must have been partially blinded by the glare of the fridge-white boots riding the tight jeans. Our collective jaw is still pretty much gracing the floor with wild abandon. Oh no, don’t give it another thought, it wasn’t horrifying at all.

Did you know it’s entirely possible to spend almost an entire day looking at the same page of a textbook without adsorbing absorbing a thing? The very same textbook that gave you such joy yesterday when you learned the retroviruses’ biological cycle bcs really, it IS fascinating stuff (gag pol env pat nev rev tat bla bla)? The very same book that you yesterday closed WITH REGRET while gazing longingly at the BSE section, oh the joys of prions?

My mother rang me three times today, the antennas must have been whirring. It’s a wonder she didn’t actually fly up to my windowsill. The last time she asked if I was happy. Why yes mother, I’m tickled pink, what shotgun?

There have been over a 100 cases of the Marburg virus reported in Angola, a former Portie colony. We have loads of flights to Angola, there’s a huge population here. Like the Ebola, it’s a haemorrhagic virus, highly lethal, highly frightening . Let’s not contemplate it. Let’s not re-read The Hot Zone. Let's put it down now.

Watching a mini-series called “Volcano” [you’d think I’d have learnt my lesson by now but ha!, I obviously haven’t] where a super-eruption wipes out a huge chunk of the USA and forever changes the world's climate in a most disturbing manner isn’t soothing. AT ALL. I’ll do my utmost to not turn it into a phobia, which will increase the likelihood that you, dahlings, will NOT end up burnt alive or suffocated under a pile of very dense ashes. Promise.



At 28/3/05 01:58, Blogger Noorster said...

Don't worry, we (also known as 'Rest of the World') are also burnt alive - we just don't get much screentime (see: The Day After Tomorrow and That Other Film That Was on TV The Other Day For The Umpteenth Time). And no, I'm not bitter. I'm amused.

At 28/3/05 05:55, Blogger Dominica Anne said...

I'm writing this because I just read almost 3 months of your life and I felt I owed it to you to let you know that I've read your blog since December. I found you through Hot Right Now (which I read because one of them posted a comment to my blog that's only been around since last week) because I couldn't tell if you were kidding when you told that girl that you hated her for her freckles (i'm almost positive now that you were kidding.) I wanted to get a glimpse of the person who made so strong a statement, about freckles of all things, and I must say that I got more than I bargained for. I started by reading your March posts and soon realized that something tragic had happened in your life, and so I found the beginning and read and read and read, until I found myself here several hours later. I just couldn't stop reading. Your pain and sorrow is tangible in your words. Being able to convey emotion in the written word like that is a gift. I kept finding myself thinking "Wow, this woman should be published." It reminds me of the writings of Perry Klass who now writes about knitting, but originally wrote about being a woman in medical school. But I digress, I just wanted you to know that you've touched me and I will continue to read your blog and I will think about your lost friend.

On a lighter note, "Dogs in Elk" is one of the funniest things I've ever read. Thank you for sharing it.

At 28/3/05 11:19, Blogger The Lioness said...

DA, thank you. I was 100% joking abt hating her, see #67 in my 100-odd things list.

At 28/3/05 17:57, Blogger Scully said...

You're grieving. Which is a good thing. And the reality is, you're probably always going to feel sadness with respect to Uzi. It's natural. I'd be worried if you didn't.

Mothers have radar. Sometimes it's a little faulty and gets interference, but most times, we do know when something is wrong.


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