Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Furball In My Mental Flower Bed


Hey! Ready-made furballs, GIVE HERE!


Furball Hold it properly

No, no, you're holding it wrong!


Furball Where's the filling

Nu, where's the filling?


Furball had enough

No thank you, I've had enough for now.


Furball burp



JIP under table colour

Get me some digestive enzymes, STAT.



At 2/6/05 13:45, Blogger Viscondessa said...

Glad to see my cat isn't the only one who wants to eat the hair I comb off of her. What's up with that, anyway? "Here, cat, let me save you from hairballs by removing the extra fur." "Why thank you, and now may I give myself a much worse hairball by eating the stuff you just removed, right off the comb?"

At 2/6/05 14:43, Blogger Diana said...

Reminds me, time to brush the dog. It must be summer.

At 2/6/05 17:52, Blogger Candace said...

KITTIES! Only one of ours allow us to brush him. Good thing, too, because I could make another cat or two with the fur I take off of him.

At 2/6/05 19:11, Blogger Noorster said...

I could NEVER do that to my cats. They're too powerful.

At 2/6/05 19:11, Blogger brooksba said...

Oh, J.I.P.! You're making me miss you and the lovelys even more! She's so pretty. Even if she's trying to eat her hair that you brushed off.


At 2/6/05 20:50, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Do you save the hair? Spin it and make some warm mittens? Pound it down and make felt? Please recycle.

At 2/6/05 21:26, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Ah, my JIP. I miss you, you goofy cat. And I recognize the room I spent many wonderful nights in. Sob. I am homesick (can you be homesick for somewhere you never lived? Is there a vacationsick) for Portugal!

I have been brushing Eddy lately, trying to get him to realize that it is I who is his Mom and not that Keem person (not working overly well). He submits well to the brushing and then tries to eat his hair as well. Cats are weird.

At 3/6/05 04:12, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Holy cow! It looks like you have enough hair to make another cat.

At 3/6/05 11:41, Anonymous Lola said...

Cats instinctively try to eat clumps of their removed fur for the same reason they instinctively bury their other bodily waste: to cover their tracks lest potential predators become interested.

Obviously, dogs are too dumb to think of that. :-)

At 3/6/05 20:13, Anonymous Danae said...

Oh, these photos made me laugh!

At 3/6/05 22:43, Blogger Jen P said...

Such a pretty kitty!

Hope you're doing well.

At 6/6/05 23:07, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Lioness, you're so quiet. Are you all right?

At 7/6/05 00:03, Blogger The Lioness said...

I'm fine, just overwhelmed w exams and it won't get better soon so bear w me, no news is - probably - good news, no time to blog, mail, MSN, txt msg, nothing but books, books, books, youy may kindly shoot me now.

At 7/6/05 01:52, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

As long as you have time for that gorgeous creature staying in your house (and I'm not talking about the one with furballs)!

At 11/6/05 16:56, Blogger The Lioness said...

(Right, the one w just balls. Get it.)


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