Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dearest child,


Skoda Ambiente


Your parents


And yet.

And yet, I still cannot believe the phone isn't ringing. Again.


At 18/3/06 03:39, Blogger Henri-V said...

To make up for your father leaving the window open???
Lucky ducky!

Warm birthday wishes
(and consolations for the one you are missing still).

At 18/3/06 09:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mazal tov Lioness, happy birthday. And if that brave new car ever takes you to Germany... :)Does it/he/she have a name already? xibuk and you know he's with you in which way ever. Lori

At 18/3/06 09:27, Blogger brooksba said...

Nice gift! That is pretty sweet. How soon until it is covered in dog hair? (Hee hee).

Happy Birthday Johnny! I miss you lots and lots and wish the phone was ringing for you.

Thousands of warm wishes and big wet smooches and hugs to you.

At 18/3/06 09:28, Anonymous Kath said...

Happy birthday, dear Lioness! Congratulations on the car. Wow!

And yes, the lack of that phone call. The thing I couldn't fathom after my father died (and still can't quite wrap my head around, ten years later) is: where do you put all the love you feel? Where does it go? How do you take that infinity and carry it around with you, when the object of all that feeling is gone?

Wishing you healing, joy, and a good year, my dear.

At 18/3/06 15:30, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

You are the dearest child. And now I really understand why 'dear' in British English also means 'expensive' (in US English, it just means precious) - it is because you are priceless!

Happy birthday, dear Lioness! I love you!

At 18/3/06 15:41, Blogger cat said...

Many warm and lovely birthday wishes your way. *hugs*

At 18/3/06 20:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope your birthday is truly special. May the roads raise up to meet your tires. Best wishes, XX

At 18/3/06 21:08, Blogger Diana said...

A very happy birthday, lovely one. Did you really get that beautiful car? Looks perfect for the menagerie.

Hope it was splended, filled with friends and family and good talk about the one who should still be here.

At 19/3/06 05:41, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

It is your birthday?! Where the hell was I?!

Happy Birthday J!

Cool car. Let's race sometime ;)

At 19/3/06 08:13, Anonymous noorster said...

Happy birthday!

At 19/3/06 13:24, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, sweet!

Blogger was being stupid last night so I couldn't wish you a happy birthday then. I apologize greatly.

Love you much. I wish the phone would ring.

At 19/3/06 17:46, Blogger Serialangel said...

Happy Birthday my dear Lioness! I'm sorry the phone isn't ringing but I know he is thinking of you and sending some butterflies your way as you drive your insomnia drives. **Lame Internet Birthday Hugs**

Betty xx

At 19/3/06 21:39, Blogger Udge said...

A belated happy birthday, dear Lioness.

At 19/3/06 23:05, Blogger Panda said...

Ooooh...look at the pretty...

I reckon you could comfortably drive all the way down here in that.

Oh, and...and...smack Loverboy. You SO are not chunky, by any definition.

At 20/3/06 11:38, Blogger Ana said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!! Nice car, by the way.

At 20/3/06 11:58, Blogger Ed said...

Penblwydd Happus!
Happy Birthday!
You almost share a birthday with Sue (she's the 19th)
Wish someone would buy me a car!

At 21/3/06 04:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm always late and I always miss the good stuff! Happy belated birthday to you Miss Lioness!!

At 25/3/06 22:00, Anonymous Manuela said...


I'm also very sorry I haven't been around much of late... and therfore missed your birthday. Happy belated, my dear.

Also... I finally got a microphone headset thingy for my brand new computer... so I just have to set up the talk function thingamajig and we're good to go!


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