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And Then There Were None

This post and the info within may surprise all but the Barren Bitches Brigade, except for the small fact that I am the one writing it. It certainly is not for the faint of heart. Blood and Clots of an unpleasantly suspicious nature will be mentioned, often in the same sentence. Fuck and its derivatives will figure prominently. Etc.

Also, in honour of my conversation with David, which was an eye-opener [he rang me – he rang me, how sweet is that?? - from Israel bcs of this. Well actually not, that started out as the greatest motivator but then the rubbish behind this very post happened and then he rang.] – anyway, if you are a religious Jew, I will be immodest.

Awaited period arrives in all its glory as I stand outside a Catholic Church, during a wake. Never one to miss potential symbolism, I promptly decided it would be quite like the Pope [especially this one, have you taken a good look at his face? The Huns, The Huns, RUN LITTLE ONES, RUN TO THE FOREST AND DON’T LOOK BACK] to somehow arrange for occult sects to invoke something or other or pull a lever or other and have me exsanguinate to death right there on the steps. I say my goodbyes as I feel the blood literally gushing out of me, and then a solid gushy feeling, as if a a murder of crows, an unkindness of ravens a band of clots had fused together and slithered all the way down my wapooha. When I got home I had blood halfway up my crotch, and the solid feeling had been caused by a clot colony that was humungous and could easily fit inside my palm (what I usually call the size of a small African nation but a bit too big this time). I also had blood trails all the way down into my socks. I took 2 Ibuprufens and went to bed, and

I was supposed to go meet my friend Shrimpy so we could work together, and I didn’t manage to leave till 3 pm or something bcs I bled through 2 pairs of pants and the bathroom, good grief the bathroom looked like a CSI scene, there were even droplets on the mirror, the let’s-perch-on-the-bidet manoeuvre seemed to have been a bit too much and the blood felt too liquidy. Those of you fortunate enough to have bidets (don’t see how the rest of the world can live, truly I don’t), do you know when you’re washing yourself and the cold water eventually stops you from bleeding for a little while, so you can quite easily get your knickers and the new pad? I soaked in cold water for 15 minutes and kept on bleeding, and this is when I first thought something wasn’t right. When I got to her place I felt that solid gushy feeling again only more so, so I rushed to the bathroom and the clots/clots/clot colony was so big I felt it could be something else, so I called her in and she took a look at it – she’s a dr. – and said: “Hmm yes, looks like you’re miscarrying.” “It does a bit, doesn’t it,” I replied. There was even a membrane surrounding it, oh well. I was still a bit incredulous bcs this is me, and everyone knows my ovaries don’t work, and the dr. keeps reminding me I will very probably need assistance to get pg, so I was dreading a tumour or myoma far more.

I’d managed to make an appointment yesterday so went in to see Dr. She too thought cyst and myoma, especially after feeling my uterus. As an afterthought she said, Just to be absolutely safe buy a pregnancy test and I said All right and left thinking what havoc a myoma could wreak and would I have a womb/tubes/ovaries at the end of it all. So I drove to the chemist’s and had this conversation with the woman who spent at least 4 years in the university bfr being able to have it:

She: But are you more than a few days late? Bcs this test doesn’t read “early late” so well.
Me: It’s all right, it won’t make a difference.
S: Well it will, it won’t pick up the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) if it’s only a day or two late.
M: It really doesn’t matter, I don’t need to find out whether I am pg, only whether I was, see?
S: ?? But how does that work?
M: Could I just have the test please? I simply need to find out whether I’m miscarrying, thank you.

She was unconvinced but did fetch the test. And the test, ah the test showed 2 pink lines immediately, lightning fast. My first, isn't that a moment to remember, and I, I unhinged my jaw and made it terribly hard for myself to give the good Dr. the news, and she, she unhinged her jaw and stammered Well, this changes everything, forget abt all the ultrasounds and regular checkups I ordered, come see me on Sat at the hospital, we’ll see if you’ll a need a D&C – and this is where I entered a parallel universe where I actually am treated as someone who conceives something other than notions. I was shocked as the bloody hell bcs fuck, I do not do pregnant, at all. And I had, obviously. Only too late now, gone. Or going, at the very least. And you know what the truth is? The truth is that, amidst the shock, part of me was just relieved and grateful bcs I’d smoked a lot the previous months, and taken a fair amount of anti-inflammatory for my ears, and my folic acid reserve must be non-existent bcs I was on the pill all those years to give my ovaries the chance to rest and reabsorb the cysts that lived in/on them – and sod it if it didn’t work! – and I kept forgetting to take it and we all know what happens to folicacidless embryos, and I felt like I’d barely avoided giving birth to the new Miles Vorkosigan, with the distinct disadvantage that this child would not be protected by being a Vor, and we’re a few centuries behind so no synthetic legs etc, and the meds, have I mentioned the medication and the smoking and the stress and the late nights working? So yes, relief. E. was somewhat happy, strangely enough. He told me At least we know we can make babies. I didn’t have the heart to detail the fact that getting pregnant and staying pregnant are two very different things, who knows. Immediately the horrid humour began, with my telling him it was his turn to clean the litterbox bcs I was too busy miscarrying, or that he should save me the last cookie bcs I was eating for one and a half. WELL, I think they are! [A while ago E. said something beastly and I said something nasty in return and then went out again to go exchange 2 books bcs if there was time when I needed books, this is it. I am now back and E. and I are not talking to each other right now. As a matter of fact I have not seen him since I came back.]

I went to Shrimpy’s to work but at around 10 pm or something my lower back was killing me and I was feeling very tired so I came back home. I had barely bled all day, and there were no clots anywhere – not the pad, not my legs, not my socks as sometimes happens. Good. BY the time I got home I was shaking w cold and tiredness and was a bit feverish. I took one Ibuprofen and fell asleep easily and early, and woke up at 3.30 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep again so got up and emailed a few women asking if there was anything natural I could take to ensure all would come out and I would not need to have a scientific-looking sort of spoon up my cooter, forcibly into my womb to then literally scrape it raw – and I am not too sure we are given general anaesthesia for it here, and btw, I do not not not want a GA, they make me want to die and I cannot even puke and it takes me at least 6 h to be able to even lift my head and speak. Sadly, and as expected, mostly you need to cross your fingers and leave your cervix wide open, if you personally can manage that little trick. I also emailed Persephone and David bcs I wanted to know if there was a special prayer to be said when miscarrying and well, in Judaism we’re not even supposed to truly mourn that which quite wasn’t, and the modesty bit got me thinking a lot [and basically maybe I should have emailed David’s wife Zahava but I’ve never even talked to her so I couldn’t very well address her directly plus I didn’t think asking it would be considered inapropriate by religious Jews, so sorry David - he was nothing but sweet and great and Treppy-like, as expected, this guilt is all my own bcs I should have known better] and hell, it’s just another bloody mess I choose to ignore right now.

In the morning I realised I’d bled again but not as much and still no clots to be seen, so that reinforced my notion that this was the last stage of this miscarriage. In a way I felt also lucky. See, I never found out I was pg, I found out I’d been, no hope to cling onto, no fear to cling onto for the added 8 months, just a Never Would Have Been presented to me as painlessly as possible. I am not making loads of money while in vet school and E., who is an archaeologist, has been looking for work for a while now, has even branched off from his area of expertise – and nothing. It is my firm belief that you cannot simply want your children, you must prepare for them, economically more so than emotionally (I’ll never be prepared emotionally). I believe the parents must be the ultimate providers, as much as the family might be delighted help theirs is not the ultimate responsibility, and no one should embark upon parenthood bfr they’ve amassed at least a fair amount of money (read also: ensured they can put enough away every month), in case things go awry for some reason during the pregnancy or the first year. So, on our own we have my money and his savings – thank God he is the organised type! – but this was definitely not the time to get pregnant. I cannot imagine being pregnant and fretting over money – along with fucking vet school, that’d be enough to kill an embryo – and well no worries, I’ve done that already.

Also, I felt lucky that this was such an early loss bcs see above, attachement, what attachment?, Wham Bam ByeBye Mam, those last clots had membranes, and the heavy bleeding was gone, if you’re going to have to lose a baby you might as well do it as swiftly as this. I know, with absolute certainty, that this pregnancy cannot be older than the 25th of February due to E.'s minor surgery recovery. I don’t know if it’s a 7-day week or an 8-day week but yes, Feb 25th is the earliest it could be.*

[Make no mistake here, this is what’s been solidifying within me, it doesn’t matter that we didn’t know early enough, that it is too early, that it wasn’t viable, it doesn’t matter that there is more shock and surprise than sadness, this could have been our baby, this gave wings to our diffuse idea of what having a baby is or could be like – and we lost a baby indeed, bcs otherwise it would be born and we would have it, as we want to. May be a minor loss but a loss it is.]

Friday was a shitty day, with fever in the afternoon and evening and general feelings of shittiness and vague pain even after 2 Ibuprofens, and I slept restlessly again.

We went to the hospital at 10.30 am w a friend of E.’s and then I waited and waited and waited, and then dr. came and wanted to do an US but couldn’t bcs THE ONE MACHINE THAT EXISTS FOR ALL PREGGOS AND MISCARRIGOS IN THE WHOLE HOSPITAL WHICH SEES A TONNE OF WOMEN A DAY WAS IN USE. So I waited and waited and waited and then the US machine was returned to us and I was called in and she gelled my belly and I was so sure my uterus was void I said It’s empty, right? and she said Er, no, it isn’t, and I thought Fuck!, I thought it in English as I often do, and I lay there and wondered how it would be with the D&C and how soon I’d be allowed to go home, would it be early or late afternoon or would my having eaten be a problem and such was my fervour I almost didn’t hear it when she said, In fact, I’m wondering whether it could still be alive and I said WHHH??? and she turned the screen towards me and there was an embryo inside me, INSIDE ME, this is mad, this is demented. This is what pelvic and vaginal probing have taught us:

- Elongated gestational sac (bad sign)
- Heavy bleeding and clotting of course, and then some more bleeding, albeit less due to:
- Partially detached placenta, quite visible, as well as underlying hemorrhagic area
- Decreased mammary tension (boobs hurt far less than 2 days ago and seem smaller as well)
- Vitelline sac (nourishes embryo, is a sing of embryo vitality)
- Embryo measures right on target, of sorts, at 6W3D [
*unless it's prior to Jan, 30, which would mean those 6W3D measurements are scary as hell and this is a very well-preserved dead embryo, which Dr thinks is not the case but at this point what do we know]
- She tought she saw a heart beat. Oh no, wait, Oh there, look, did you see that, it looked like… Oh no it wasn’t, oh maybe I’m seeing what I want to see, we’ll have to wait a fortnight for a clearer picture, come see me again on the 17th. TWO WEEKS FROM NOW.

I lost a tiny bit of my sanity when I saw that embryo INSIDE ME, the bit that is in charge of asking What part of the uterus did you say it was implanted in? and I’d like to have a beta now and one again in 2 days and so on so we know if it’s going up, which it won’t, or down, which seems natural, or staying put, which also seems natural, instead of waiting 2 weeks to find out what we already know, so if we know it now we might as well be sure of it sooner than later, yes?, and I was actually thinking too bad I cannot blog abt this bcs bloody hell, did I name my blog aptly and then I realised I could blog abt this, and then I realised I needed to blog abt it bcs I need you, much as I did when Uzi was missing and then dead, and I don't want to act like miscarrying is something I should be ashamed of, ever, though it is ugly and lonely and morose, and anyway tiny bits of sanity are all I’m prepared to lose this time, so this is my truth as we know it.

We went to my private insurance hospital later which is as crème de la crème as they come, and there I was told the communicating entity that lives in the printer was spewing the words Client To Be Refused A Doctor At This Time, and the lady at admissions couldn’t tell me why and suggested I should have come bfr 2 pm and I snarled I’ll try to time my miscarriage better next time, how does that sound you bitch?, only the bitch part isn't true though it happened in my mind, this is how it is goes: you can ring their number Mon–Sat till 2 pm, after that time you’re on your own but you’re welcome to pay 123 Euros for the appointment alone, not to mention all the blood testing and US etc, even though the reason you got the medical insurance in the first place was – ARGH! I’ll ring them on Mon and if need be Shrimpy will order me a beta which I’ll pay for out of my own pocket if need be as well. I will know what I can know as soon as I can know it. (This is also why I don’t want to tell my parents anything till we know for sure what’s happening, no need to place them in pseudo-grandparental agony. Do you think it’s wrong? I have learnt in an amazingly short amount of time the difference btwn knowing the pregnancy is gone and experiencing the pregnancy as it withers and dies. In degree of lacerations I'd much rather they merely experience the former.)

Want to hear the funny, the truly hysterical in all senses, bit? Theres's some small piece of my soul that is still feeling tender and bruised and dislocated: after the US I went back to the Admissions counter so I could pay. The nice man said Oh no, you don’t have to pay anything. And I said But this is a hospital, I’ve never heard of such a thing, there were some exams involved, are you quite sure? I always have to pay! And he shook his head and said No no no, pregnant women don’t pay

- and fuckfuckfuck, this isn’t me, this cannot be me, this is all wrong ARGH!!! And I badly need a fag and yet I am not smoking – and really, WHY THE BLOODY HELL NOT?

And so we wait.

COMMENTING RULES – please pay attention, I mean every single one of them:

1) If you know me in real life, please keep this to yourself. If I want anyone else to know I will tell them. It is and remains my choice. Also, it is not necessarily a good idea to talk to me abt this. Writing and talking are not and will never be the same.
2) Think twice bfr bringing God into this if it’s going to take the form of This is God’s will unless you are a) mentally ill and b) God himself. Other than that, you cannot possibly know what God wants or is, and therefore kindly refrain from inflicting inanity upon me.
3) Along the same lines, sentences like This is all for the best are best written somewhere else. Again, unless you’re mentally ill, God or a psychic refrain from bizarre quasi-retrospectively futurology.
4) I would truly appreciate your opinion, an honest one, be it good or bad. As I’ve had the chance to repeat ad lib last year, to me not knowing is far worse than any catastrophic scenario you may provide me with. Had I had the imagination to imagine today’s scenario, I’d have been much better prepared, and I might even have had my beta. I repeat, DO NOT FEEL AFRAID TO WRITE ABT BAD EXPERIENCES YOU'VE HAD OR HEARD ABT. They will help me know what to expect in all its different ways, I promise.
[Also, I don't mind mentions of all things baby or pregnant - if you are pregnant and happily so, GOOD. That's exactly as it should be].
5) That being said, please DO NOT write anything along the lines of: I am sure…, or I just know that..., or anything that means you have access to information you cannot possibly have – we’ve discussed this above
6) Don’t say anything imbecilic. Don’t tell me to relax – it never changed my psoriasis, don’t think it will magically transform that which is shrinking as we speak into The Little Embryo That Could; don’t tell me we’re young; don’t tell me we can try again; you get the gist of it.
7) Morbid, dark, inappropriate humour welcome (Soper? Anyone?). Really.
8) E and I are talking to each other again. Neck-nuzzling known to occur.


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At 9/4/06 00:09, Blogger Serialangel said...

*Gapes* Sorry. I have no words because that sounds horrific. The closest to that was with my best friend - we were talking on the phone like normal best friends when she said out of the blue she had a baby and it died like a dying thing. The whol pregnant/not pregnant thing is a whole foreign country not many people have been to. You usually live in one state or the other not unknowingly in-between creating havocness.

I'm quite out of it because I just got home from a week in Italy with its pervy, old, greasy, fat men who never stopped staring at my tits. Well, at least if your pregnant they'll have the decency to look away. But the amount of Mary statues freaked me out.

I'm afraid at the moment I have no sanity to piece back for you (I was always shit at puzzles) and I'm quite sure this isn't helping. My trip wasn't brilliant though - got scalded by hot tea, wind flew up skirt, lost my phone (my left arm, technically) and lost my roommate because I snore THAT loudly, apparently. The arghness is absolute and I'm right here for you.

Betty xxx

At 9/4/06 00:15, Anonymous Leigh-Ann said...

All I could think while reading your entry was "wow". I never had children, but had to have a hysterectomy, and I remember being so relieved that my diseased uterus would be gone while being simultaneously distressed that now I would truly never have children. I don't think humans grow up being taught that it's okay to feel a sense of loss at the same time as you might feel a sense of relief, and it's very confusing, which in itself can be frightening. Emotions are so much easier when they're black and white.

All I can say is that I'm sorry for what you're going through, and hope that the resolution will be the right one for you. As for inappropriate humour, I offer you this link to this video: . It's got bad language and potty humour, which is the best I could come up with. Oh, and it's got kittens, too.

At 9/4/06 04:58, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I so wish I was there so I could clean the litter box for you and bring you cookies and those lovely Paprika Pringles and make you laugh when I try to speak Portuguese.

All I can say right now is adoro-te and beijos.

Love you muchly.

At 9/4/06 05:35, Anonymous Boulder said...

No more ibuprofen. If you feel you need something then take acetaminophen. Was the 25th 1st day of LMP? Or possible ovulation/conception? (Trying to count properly, you understand.)

I'll be hoping that Monday comes quickly and you get seen quickly. I'm sure it will feel like an eternity.

Subchorionic bleeds are fairly common and likely what you have been experiencing. As far as the membrane-like area you thought you saw - there is a chance, I suppose, that you could have had a vanishing twin which you did miscarry.

Do you have access to a better ultrasound machine? That can make all the difference in seeing viability earlier, getting accurate measurements, and seeing an early heartbeat. 6w3d is still early to see a heartbeat on many u/s machines, so it may take a week's wait to see anything definitive. The beta, while helpful, may not necessarily be falling even if you are having a misscarriage because the gestational sac can still grow and produce hcg.

Be thinking of you, darling.


At 9/4/06 05:57, Blogger The Lioness said...

Betsy, Ane-Leigh and DM, tnx. This is all too bizarre.

Boulder, I forgot to mention I started taking benuron on Sat, which is safe, even bfr she told me to. Not that I knew it was "safe". But yes, ibuprofen galore in the past few days. The 25th was the 1st time in a good while that shagging took place. I don't know how to count it myself bcs well, from the 25th Febr till today there are 42 days and - I actually donot know what to do with this info bcs I CANNOT remember when my period was in February, but let's assume it was around the 10th or a bit later to account for implantation 2 weeks later. That means that sac and embryo measurements are behind, which makes sense in terms of miscarriage. If I'm appraching the maths rightly, that is.

In retrospect I did think of a subchorionic bleed - I was reminded of Grrl, remember when she lost her twin? - but the bleeding may also simply mean it's dying, period. That would make more sense if it's below normal measurements for its age. And if it isn't then hell if I know what to feel, with all the medication etc I've mentioned. Truly don't know what to hope for. And the betas - really? But look, say the number is abnormally low, or isn't changing, THAT's valuable information already, right?

At 9/4/06 06:38, Blogger brooksba said...

I'm sitting here, trying to grasp it all. You wrote everything so clearly, that's not the grasping part. It's more of a, wow, I wasn't expecting that. You said you weren't either.

All I can offer is support. I'm here to listen. Love you and I've been wishing everyday that I was boarding a plane with DM in two weeks to see you again. I wish we could be there while you're going through the waiting game to help keep you company and make you laugh at our antics. You can call us Bloody Anglos all you want.


At 9/4/06 07:23, Anonymous Manuela said...

HOLY CRAP! I wish I didn't know what it was like, girlfriend. But I do... only too well. My first miscarriage occurred very much like what you describe here... I also didn't even know I was pregnant. However... the in- between part... the not knowing part... THAT is the part that TRULY TRULY sucks donkey bollocks... and I also wish I didn't have that experience to commiserate with.

I feel like I should have JUST the right thing to say... as a full-fledged member of the Bitch Brigade... but honestly... I don't. I just don't.

My heart and soul are with you right now... and will be anxiously refreshing your page for updates...

As for honouring your request for morbid humour... well... I don't know about you... but for me... those hamster-sized blood clots clearly reminded me why I have always refused to eat liver. I can no longer see liver on a menu without thinking miscarriage. Blech.

At 9/4/06 07:35, Blogger persephone said...

Two things I wanted to say, Lioness, and one is that I'm so GLAD you have chosen to write about this. I'm sure it took courage to open the topic here -- in the BBB we have something of an assurance that people already know what not to say, it must have been a little exhausting to work out all the instructions on top of everything else. But I know how much all these people love you, and I feel a tiny bit more reassured knowing that you will have their support.

The other is of course hell & damnation, the only thing I can think of worse than losing a pregnancy you wanted, or being given a pregnancy you're not ready for, is NOT KNOWING which one it is. I am so sorry and more than a bit angry, you don't deserve this.

I'll be here hoping the outcome is happy, somehow, somehow. In whatever way is best for you.

At 9/4/06 09:00, Blogger Ed said...

I'm sure that if you just relax and let God look after you it will all turn out for the best and you can then try again. ;)

Seriously though, no advice from me. Just wonder that you can go through all that and write about it so beautifully. I know I shouldn't wonder because of all that you've been through before and written about so beautifully but I'm still full of wonder anyway - I can't help it.

[Sorry about the first sentence - couldn't resist.]

At 9/4/06 09:21, Anonymous Kath said...

Dear Lioness, this is utterly horrible, and I am so sad for you. This is a soul-sucking thing to go through, no matter what. I hope that you have resolution quickly.

This April 17 business is simply unacceptable. As if your soul wasn't under enough strain.

At 9/4/06 10:34, Anonymous Boulder said...


There is an excellent web site where you can play with possible date information:

Put possible LMP's in and calculate to see xWxD type gestations, or put possible conception dates in and mark as retrieval/ovulation.

The issue comes down to the fact that the dating you were given is only as accurate at the u/s machine, and at this point, measurements in very tiny sizes can be a week or days difference.

At one point I was convinced I was miscarrying and the hospital's machine didn't give very hopeful information - like I was measuring 7w2or3d, when I should have been measuring 9+ weeks. My RE squeezed me in and low and behold it was perfectly dated on another machine. Ultimately, this was my latest loss, but I believe that was due to a fibroid, and not the date difference.

If the sack is poorly shaped, that is not good news. But again, with u/s it could be the sonographer. Afterall, it is "science" which in this case often translates to "tiny bit of art."

I'll be thinking of you, wishing you peace.


At 9/4/06 10:50, Anonymous Boulder said...

Oh, and re: your comment/question:

"And the betas - really? But look, say the number is abnormally low, or isn't changing, THAT's valuable information already, right?"

Yep on the betas - if the pregnancy is in demise, but not fully so, then yes, the beta can rise for a period of time because sometimes the sac continues to grow, even without embryonic activity.

And once it is imaged in utero, the betas aren't as accurate a measurement of the success of a pregnancy, in my opinion (because the numbers are so high, and doubling is no longer a calculation that is as significant. The ultrasounds are. Regarding the stagnation of beta, it would give you information - but consider this, what if you'd actually had another embryo implant and miscarry - then your u/s could plateau because of that but still be fine. I've seen that before.

It will be a combination of repeat betas, ultrasound and time that will give you answers.

Another site that IVF'ers use to see where they stand comparatively speaking is

If you scroll down you can see how little the change in dating a "CRL" can be - thus the "art" in the "science" of sonography.

At 9/4/06 13:35, Anonymous Orodemniades said...

Holy (*&^$#$@!!!!

I'm sorry.

Holy 987^%#$@# $#@#!!!!

Never having been pregnant, and apparently looking to set up a permanent home on Infertility Island, while I agree with you about finances and all that other stuff, I can only imagine this must be doubly devastating for you, because you've been robbed of that double-edged sword, Hope. Hope for a baby when you knew it would be very difficult to get pregnant, Hope and her sister Wonder that you were/are pregnant and all the excitement/fear/glory that that entails.

Robbed. It's been taken before you even had a chance to celebrate the wonder of it - no matter what you eventually decided to do.

I'm so damned sorry, sweetie.

At 9/4/06 14:55, Blogger Diana said...

Oh, honey, I'm so very sorry you are going through all this grief and uncertainty. I haven't anything new to offer except the parental perspective. I don't know your parents, I only know what I'd want, should Sara be in this situation, or Colin for that matter, as the father of the little embryo-that-was-flailing. I'd feel sad that I was not part of the holding and back rubbing and food getting and all that we do to try and bring comfort when there is little to be had, aside from the love we bear. Your family seems to be a close one. They may very much want to be there for you, if you can bear it.

You know I'm here for you.

At 9/4/06 15:31, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

See what happens when you read 'infertility blogs'? Just like my friend MM feared over a year ago when I had my first miscarriage - it's catching.

Other than that, I know what not to say because every trite, uneducated, moronic and fuckwit thing has already been said to me.

Tough call on telling the 'rents. The hardest thing about my miscarriages was my father and husband crying. But the good thing is that family members - who never knew I was pregnant the first time, my parents and I were keeping it quiet for God knows why, maybe peace and quiet? - told me about their losses. It's a dirty little secret, indeed. No wonder it even crossed your mind that you didn't want to come across as ashamed; it's always treated as such a bloody freakish thing.

Anyway, glad to hear you're taking my advice (although I suspected I was not the only recipient of your emails); knowledge is power.

I hope you get the outcome you want, and that there will be a happy 'next time.'

xxx beijos

At 9/4/06 17:46, Blogger Thalia said...

I can't share any stories or tell you what will be, but just came here to say hi and stand with you for a bit. I hope that this has the best possible outcome.

At 9/4/06 19:53, Anonymous Julie said...

Standing next to Thalia, shifting anxiously from foot to foot.

At 9/4/06 20:23, Blogger The Lioness said...

Thanks you lot, and I'm afraid it's rather bad news, 6w4d post conception's beta is 1654.0

I wrote a new post w a bit more info but basically, this is it. Now we wait, again. Thank you all, really.

At 10/4/06 01:24, Blogger Millie said...

Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. And so very sorry you're having to deal with all of this.

At 11/4/06 18:39, Blogger Savtadotty said...

So sorry to learn of this sad situation. If I were your mother (father) I would want to know, just because I loved you would want to offer whatever comfort I could, and to share your ups and downs; not to be just a "fair weather mom." But if you feel they would add to your burdens, then wait and tell when you're ready.

At 17/4/06 06:59, Blogger twisteddragonfly said...

So sorry to hear abt this , J. Had a similar experience several years ago. Never had any clue that I even pregnant. I had to have a complete hysterectomy at the ripe old age of 29. I'm 35 now and I there are days that my heart literaly aches for a child. I hope things work out for you. Thinking of you. You know where to find me


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