Saturday, September 18, 2004

Of innards and how to eat them

(If you're an Anglo-Saxon you shouldn't be reading this. Go on then. Nu? Scoot off!)

I love gizzards. I bought gizzards. I was looking forward to eating the gizzards. I started cooking the gizzards. I burnt the gizzards. So much for lunch.

I think I'll get another coke.

Update: they weren't burnt beyond repair after all, they simply turned palatably crispy - and their fusion with the liver (yes there was liver too, and heart, thought the dog gets that as I refuse to eat ventricula), garlic and onion turned out to be the best gizzardy dish I've ever cooked. Must-burn- more-often.

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At 19/9/04 03:45, Blogger CarpeDM said...

What exactly is a gizzard?

I like liver. Liver is good. Liver with onions and none of those stupid green pepper things is even better. But I can't convince Keem to make it for me. It is very sad (I am cooking challenged and can only make certain dishes) and must get my liver at restaurants. Maybe I can talk Mom into providing liver when she is here in October.

Because now I'm going to crave it.

At 19/9/04 21:05, Blogger The Lioness said...

You mean you're a terrible cook. Welcome, sistah. (though I make some mean zuchinni!) Liver is very easy to cook, I can tell you how. Even I do not seem able to ruin it.

When a bird swallows the food it goes down the oesophagus, through a proventriculus which lathers it with digestive juices, and then reaches the gizzards where it is crushed. They're muscular stomachs, most birds have them. Very very VERY tasty. I still like the chicken liver better. The dog gets that bloody horrible heart (we get them all together).

At 19/9/04 23:11, Blogger MaRu said...

"Paren El Mundo Que Me Bajo" :oP

At 19/9/04 23:31, Blogger The Lioness said...

A coisa melhor dos teus comentários é aperceber-me de como está escrito no original! A nossa tradução diz: "parem o mundo, quero sair!" Bem-vinda. ;D

At 20/9/04 14:58, Blogger Jay said...

Nasty...All of you. Hearts and Livers and various other innards. Gross! Give me a good ol hot dog any day!

At 23/9/04 01:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 23/9/04 19:27, Blogger Serialangel said...

Gizzards, eh? You know, I have to try them out some day. I have a mental list of things to do before I'm 30, and eating freaky meat things is one of them!

At 8/12/04 10:17, Blogger r/r said...

Blogsurfin. I like gizzards. Where can you purchase these gizzards. I've never known them on a market. But I've eaten the gizzards. I can tell you'll eat more gizzards.

They're swell.

Though I am confused about the Anglo-Saxon reference. I read it anyway. I never scooted. And now I'm in a state of confusion that wound me to a response and a question.


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