Friday, September 17, 2004

These blasted cats will kill me yet, I was

studying (no I wasn't, I was browsing DM's blog) when I heard a thump and a screech and my heart suddenly got trapped between my molars because what are the chances that a brand new 6-storey fall will not kill either of them or, my biggest concern, even if it doesn't, how am I going to ensure that a 3-legged cat (remember the 6-storey fall remark?) will not become a 2-legged one thus being rearranged into an anatomical shape incompatible with life and why the hell must they gallop across the room (and if you think a 3-legged cat can't gallop you need to come round to my place) and throw themselves against the screen I managed to put up despite my almost having killed myself in the process and barely avoiding ending up as a pancake myself and there are still nights when in that very unguarded moment that precedes sleep I'm jerked awake by the memory of having seen her fall, having witnessed her frantic and all too brief clawing before she vanished and as I ran for the lift I was certain, I was absolutely certain that she was dead, not dead, not only dead, she would be lying there broken, splattered on the pavement but she was alive and I rushed her to the clinic and in the 20 min between the moment she fell and her arrival she'd managed to develop such a big pleural edoema that she couldn't have surgery and her poor back leg was in splinters, literally, and I realised I could stomach any injury but not so well when the animal was in pain, not then, and I had to check her temperature because of hypothermia and the vet was a former colleague who was overwhelmed with work and left me in charge of her until they could X-ray and I couldn't find her anus, I couldn't remember where it was and when I did I still couldn't find it for the longest time, and I had to wait 2 days till I knew for sure the edoema had subsided and she was out of danger, my poor little cat never went into shock but the infection was too far along - why the hell didn't they use external fixation? - so 3 surgeries later she was lacking a leg, very literally unbalanced and raging mad at the world and rightly so, it took her a full 10 days to stop living between the toilet and the bidet in perfect isolation, and I am haunted by that moment when she disappeared and I knew she was dead, and I am grateful that I did watch her fall because if I hadn't - but I can't bear to think about that, it breaks my heart every time I catch her gazing longingly at the tops of shelves and cupboards and I sometimes place her there and she purrs contentedly but she needs to keep every single leg now or life will be bleak and horrid and this is why I cannot simply cannot hear screeching sounds or thumps and am neurotic about windows and still ride the night mare, occasionally in broad daylight.

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At 19/9/04 17:48, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, good Lord. Poor kitty. I am glad you were able to save her.

On another note, I am somewhat pleased to be the distraction from studying. But then also worried, because, as Beth pointed out, what if you miss something and, when it's time to save the world, don't know how? And then it'll be all my fault.

At 19/9/04 20:55, Blogger The Lioness said...

You lot have to control yourselves and your guilt indulgences! I am perfectly able to become distract without external help. Trust me. Talk to my friends. I can get lost in my room. In fact, I have. As for missing something, I will disappoint now: you think I am being properly trained. Rethink that. I am not. The curriculum is unfair, dated, extremelly very taxing. I have colleagues in the 5th year who still have not managed to grasp the notion that you DO NOT uncover a colt (any animal!) that is trembling and sweating because of a FEVER due to SEPTICAEMIA. I knew that before i bloody started, don't people read??? (No.) Now they are at large in the world. Treating animals. Right. The way I see this, I will grind my teeth, buck up and one day it will be over and maybe along the way I will even have time to go to clinics for volunteer work - where I actually learn. Some of the cack thrown at might even turn out to be worth remembering. On a brighter note, things should begin perking up this year. So stop worrying. Trust me also when I say I do enough of that on my own. Where do you think my insomnia comes from?

At 19/9/04 21:12, Blogger The Lioness said...

Brilliant English, yo!

At 20/9/04 08:02, Blogger Paranoid said...

I love your writing.

Keep an eye on them kitties.

At 23/9/04 19:36, Blogger Serialangel said...

I'm not really cat, well-pet-person. But I gather that stressed you out a bit. I hope your moggy is maggy! (Maggy is my new word for a combination of magnificent and magical)

At 23/9/04 22:28, Blogger The Lioness said...

I'll have you know there are no moggies in my house, both look splendidly unique.


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