Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Blogger Needs Jay's Help!!!

Yesterday I posted this: I NEED TECHIE HELP!!! - Alright, this is not normal. My profile and the archives have been moved to the bottom of the blog which doesn't help anyone, least of all me. I have tried copy-pasting the code bit pertaining to sidebar but moving it around causes the whole thing to disappear. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? I'm sure I'm overlooking something quite easy, simple, obvious. Thank you!

I received a very fast, very friendly email from X with Blogger Support Team: Hi there, On occasion, the side-bar will shift when the content contained within the side-menu or a post extends the column beyond its designated width. We recommend reviewing the content in both columns to identify items that maybe causing column expansion. In most cases, long links and wide images are the cause of the problem. Well. I swear I thought they should have been able to come up with something simpler by now.

in blinding succession I received one email from Jay (has to be like this, still haven't figured out how to insert permanent links to other blogs) asking me for my code so he could help; another email saying nevermind he had it; and a third one explaining in really easy terms that I had a pixel problem* (leprechauns galore) and how I should fix it. It took a second and worked brilliantly.

Blogger Support team, are you there? Can you hear me? Oh, hullo. Yes, quite a lovely day - WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??? X received a very friendly email from me back suggesting they tried recommending this to people with my same problem - and I have a feeling we are legion.

So now we know this:
1 - Jay is a brilliant writer AND a brilliant nerd (redundant? I'm envious anyway.)
2 - Blogger needs to fire X,Y,Z and hire Jay
3 - Jay cracks up my code and I

And on his birthday too. THANK YOU, Jay Dahling, e parabéns!

are indeed legion. So instead of my emailing the same info over and over again, here's what you should do. Go to Template. The original Content Width is 660 pixels, change it to 750 pixels.

* Content
*/#content {
#main {

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At 10/9/04 22:06, Blogger Jay said...

Well, Blogger, or my Internet connection, something, is finally healthy enough that I can post a comment.

Thanks for your kind words. I don't think Google would hire me because I'm too lazy. Sure I know a thing about programming (Visual Basic, PHP, Java,blah blah blah) but the reason I can't keep steady work is that I just don't care. That usually does not bode well in interviews.

The irony, and I'll use that in the most Alanis way possible, is that I could have used your expertise as a florist, or even as a porn starlette. Alas, I think, I hope, my little flower is all better.


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