Friday, September 10, 2004

I have NERDIFIED myself to near perfection!

This was the original post:

I feel pretty pleased with myself, I do, I do!

figured out how to insert links to other blogs - which should be obvious since I did figure out how to insert links to other blogs and you're looking at this - all by myself! And then, and this is the absolute best, I figured a way to have 2 types of links! So today I did some computer coding. I'm rolling the words around in my mouth, repeat after me, I did some coding! I bloody impressed myself! I'm on my way to nerddom.

Mind you, I have always been brilliant with VCR programming, TV tuning and the likes. I have read countless stories of women who are clueless, and actually have a few girlfriends who are too. So this particular urban myth rings true. As a matter of fact, when I was in Israel I bought a TV and the cable guy came over (I'd rather go without food). After much head-shaking and messing around with the channels trying to find the VCR one, he turned to me and said that my TV was not compatible with the system, so sorry, I should get a new one. After he left I decided it simply could not be. This was 1999, how could a brand new TV be incompatible with any system? Too much even for Israel. So I set to work and, surprise, I soon found the channel. Eizeh metumtam! And to top it all, he wasn't even hot. Bah.
(Unrelated: I was living in Israel at the time. Phone rings, international call. Father's on the line. Father says: "_Insert my real name_ darling, I want to see a movie, I've put the tape in, tell me again what I'm supposed to do now." We'd had the VCR for 13 years. So you see I'm working against genetics. It turns out to be related after all.)

If you're a nerd reading this and smirking patronisingly, consider this: I can kick up to your shoulder level without even warming up, probably higher if you happen to be a very small nerd. What about you? Talk to the leg.

UPDATE: I got fed up with not being able to insert the quote for the blog's name so I decided to tackle it today. At first I couldn't figure out how to do it because the funny little things Blogger Help said would be listed in the beginning of my template, and to start from there, didn't exist. Shocker. So I decided to look around. And at that time not even Jay could help me. But then I found it! On my own! And I added the code wih some really astounding easy confidence! And code worked! And there was much rejubilation and lamb slaying and roasting across the land.

And then I decided I needed to Boldify the font. And then it was gone. Quote was gone.

sadness swept the nation like a plague and even the locusts wept. And Jay, yes, Jay The Nerdster came to my rescue - again. And after much transatlantic tossing and turning and head-scracthing he discovered a tiny " was in the way. And there was laughter and mirth vocalisations on both sides of the ocean.

And I hereby thank him - again - and give myself an auto-smooch. For this time I truly outdid myself in proficient nerdyness.

And if you're not a nerd, or even an aspiring nerd - well, I pity you. How boring your life must be.

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At 10/9/04 22:10, Blogger Jay said...

Your brilliant and flexible? Hmmm....

I blogrolled you, but then, I see you blogrolled me. Mutual blogrolling. I'll leave it at that.

I have nothing amusing to say today.

At 12/9/04 16:52, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I like to think that I'm in touch with my inner nerd. I love Bill Gates (say what you will but life without Excel is not life, it is drab and dreary), enjoy roll playing games, wear glasses. I refuse to protect my pockets though, that's too goofy. But I do understand some exciting computer related things.

However, this has not prevented me from deleting majorly important files off NABABNA's secure drive and once, on the last day of my employment, deleting the company's entire database. Yes, that was fun explaining to my boss. "Hi. It's my last day on my temp job. By the way, you know that database you've been using to keep track of all your students? Yeah, it's gone."

So my point is, the fact that I figured out how to link stuff, way cool. I'm impressed with you as well.


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