Monday, October 04, 2004

I just want to EAT HIM!

He winks at me, makes funny metallic noises, looks at me through one of those piratey things for distance viewing (you know what I mean, they have a name I CAN’T REMEMBER!), curls up to sleep when I am inactive for a while, lifts up his head briefly to check whether I need him when I resume work and morphs into a motorbike before leaving at full speed.

Have you met Clippy, that cute Office Assistant thing? I now understand the Japanese and their tamagochis. He is ADORABLE!

Oh, and go here for Clippy’s special help and such. Thanks, Jay!

(There’s a cat marking my laptop in such a devoted way the screen is now horizontal. Oh good, she’s finished. No, she’s visiting with mu face and I camn’t reallky see what I’«writing - Cat, tiume tp love me FROPM AFAR!


This was Cat’s message to you.)


At 5/10/04 01:19, Blogger d.x. said...

hello, cat. (?)

At 5/10/04 01:32, Blogger Michael said...

I'm glad that I clicked the link.
Now that was funny.

At 7/10/04 20:48, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Ah. Using my cat speak, that roughly translates to "Humans of the internet, go far away and let me be adored by my staff. Quickly now."

I could be wrong though. I know what you're talking about, the piratey things and now I can't remember. It's not a binocular...oh, wait, telescope? Right? I think that's it!


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