Sunday, October 31, 2004

Urgh, Urghster and Urghette

We now interrupt work to to bring you this powerful brain stem moment:

Medium: Telly (one of those brilliant VH1 specials)

Settings: Bush rally or something similar

Intervenients: Bimbalhão Mor, Bimba e Bimbo (sorry, private language joke: Bush, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lashay)

Case in point: "(...) So Nick and Jessica sang for him. This means that at at some point you had Dubya, Jessica and Nick in the same room - that's a think tank right there."

This was hours ago and we are still wildly entertained.

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At 3/11/04 06:58, Blogger brooksba said...


Thanks for sharing this moment. I missed it, but the image cracks me up.

None of these three are known for being the brightest bulbs.


At 5/11/04 18:35, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, the horror. I am so frightened by this image. And yes, wildly entertained as well.


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