Tuesday, November 16, 2004

LeYassu, Bungy veDomino

Fuji is a 34-year-old dolphin from an aquarium in Japan. He was taken seriously ill and the vets managed to save him but the entire fluke (tail) had to be amputated. I don’t know what his illness was and can’t seem to find any information. But something like Zygomycosis will require the amputation of the diseased part, or maybe some serious injury. Since this is a captive dolphin, I’m not sure how he could have injured himself so badly. Bitten by others? I CAN’T FIND ANY INFO!!!

A flukeless dolphin is severely impaired. Cetaceans use their flukes for swimming, hunting, communicating, caressing other dolphins. A flukeless dolphin is severely compromised for he has no quality of life and at some point, it may be necessary to consider euthanasia.

A consortium took pity and experts got together to brainstorm a prosthetics made of rubber. The new tail had now been finished and fits perfectly. Fuji can now swim normally again. Fuji can now live. And I’m just happy and homesick.

Go here to see my lab (under "International Laboratory for D. Behaviour Research"), on the left you can click on the names and see and hear my lovely ones. I think about them every day.


Yassu, Bungy, Domino - Ani kol kach mitztaeret. Ani mitga’agat aleichem.
Pashosh veShandy (you rascall) - Behatzlachah, hamudim. Behatzlacha.
Shy, Cindy, Dana, Lemon, Nana, Luna, Yampa - ma ani iacholah le’hagid? Gam aleichem.


At 17/11/04 10:52, Blogger Noorster said...

I had no idea that there were bottlenose dolphins in the Black Sea. I thought they were the cool ones that only inhabit warm Pacific waters.


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