Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And The Mare The Pong Rode In On

There should be a post here. A post sort of inspired by our resident doctor, abt:


How I Discovered The Secret To Perpetually and Fantastically Fresh-Smelling Closets


Bcs I did, I truly did [and do you even care? Seriously, do you?]. But blow me if I can write it. BLOW ME IF I CAN BLOODY WRITE IT! So I'll leave you w someting absolutely disgraceful, a conversation w a girlfriend (GF) on MSN just now, translated verbatim. My friends, do you remember them? Vastly entertaining.


GF diz:
I have booked raja yoga f me on sat afternoon, 14.30-17.30. Fancy coming?
Johnny diz:
GF diz:
This Sat and the next
Johnny diz:
Book me in please
GF diz:
I’ll do it tomorrow
Johnny diz:
Have you told B abt it?
GF diz:
I think she wants to come as well, I’ll ring her tonight
GF diz:
I’lm going to go defecate, brb


I ask you. I'm delighted we're so close.


At 3/5/05 20:13, Blogger brooksba said...

I miss you. I hope you have fun at yoga. I am glad to hear you also have perpetually and fantastically fresh smelling closets. Always a plus! If you do figure out the way to write it, I would love to know.



At 3/5/05 23:07, Anonymous Danae said...

Heh, I feel exactly the same way when I think about yoga.


Sort of.

At 4/5/05 01:31, Blogger Rozanne said...

Pong! A word that had fallen out of my Shit Lexicon. I will need to restore it immediately.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just read your list of 177 Things. This one cracked me up: "I have yet to meet a Boer I found even remotely sane."

Boers. Not something we have a lot of in Oregon. I have met one. Trying to converse with him is extremely difficult and stress producing. It may well be that he is insane.

At 4/5/05 06:49, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Ha! I know who that is now! I think. But that is very funny.

I miss you as well. Nice pics, by the way. You're so bloody gorgeous.

At 4/5/05 09:08, Blogger Catharina said...

Thanks for stopping by! I just looked at the guest map again and I must look very clueless because I posted with an American flag, but my pin is clearly in Europe. People must be thinking "Those darn Americans, don't even know where their country is anymore. Or maybe they think it's all theirs by now anyway." Oh well.
And I would love to here the secret of fresh smelling closets! That would be grand.

At 4/5/05 09:08, Blogger Catharina said...

I mean "hear", woops.

At 4/5/05 16:49, Blogger Diana said...

Oh, oh, oh! I come traipsing over here to find NO FRESH SMELLING SECRETS! And you had promised. I did get a picture of the llama this am, with his back to the camera. I will send it to you later, as I am such a wonderful, non-vengeful soul.


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