Monday, April 25, 2005

That bloody meme and links galore

Diana ambushed me.

I'd call her a COW if I were sure she'd understand Portie British humour.

[Not that DM/Dana (pronounced Israeli, not American, as far as I’m concerned)/
Deya didn’t flirt w the notion either, but she CONTROLLED HERSELF DIDN’T SHE.]

So. We all know what happens when women take to drinking vast quantities of wine, don’t we. They become pushy, demanding, unreasonable. Next she’ll be defending gay marriage and medical care for everyone.

1) You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you save?

This will be boring. And I’ll cheat. Boring bcs I mention them in my 100-Odd Things list, and I’ll cheat bcs a) if Diana’s allowed so am I, ha! and b) I do see them as a trinity and couldn’t possibly choose one of them:

The Neverending Story
The Power of One
To Kill a Mockingbird

2) Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

Not a crush as such, but there are some heroes that still take my breath away, no matter how often I re-read the books - and I re-read them all the time. My all-time favourite,
Atreyu, whose gift to Bastian I still can’t quite believe. I'm so lucky I was able to read it in its original language; Arevin; Dick Francis’ anti-heroes (unfailingly medieval in their sense of honour, unfailingly stoic, unfailingly flawed). Many of the Pern characters as well, dragon riders especially - oh let me not start on Pern, beautiful Pern!

And then, of course, there are the pseudo-losers like
Peekay and Holden and mahvellous Harry.


3) The last book you purchased?

Let’s pretend this question means the last book I purchased bcs I wanted to, not bcs
life forced me to.


I bought those 115 books in Canoockia, and then my friend V. brought me some more recently, and DM and Beth as well [there are pics on their sites BTW]. Among them you’ll find J.D. Robbs (Eve Dallas kicks the ultimate ass), Patricia Cornwall (who seems to have taken absolute leave of her senses when she wrote Trace, oh blah, bloody horrible), Jonathan Kellerman and Faye Kellerman, Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, Anne Perry’s Pitt and Monk Victorian novels, Martha Grimes.

4) What are you currently reading?

I’ve just finished Haddon’s
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Despite his overwhelming fear of interacting with people, Christopher, a mathematically-gifted, autistic fifteen-year-old boy, decides to investigate the murder of a neighbor's dog.) and Survival in Death. I am also currently enjoying learning abt prostate disease in all animals, especially the dog. I think I’ll move on to an Elinor Lipman’s now [attention, Jewish Readership: if you’ve never read her The Inn at Lake Devine you should, oh you should - and be sure to read her Aknowledgements on the very last page AFTER you've read the whole book. Goyim should as well, come to think of it, it's gorgeous all round.].

5) 5 books you would take to a deserted island?

See, I warned you it’d be dull. I’m sure the first three will be a shocker. Yes, I know. Anyway, those three and ALL Harry Potters (Diana cheated here and so will I, plus she’s right, there will soon be the H.P.’s paper equivalent of Eastenders Omnibus and then we won’t be cheating anymore). Finally, Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books for the reason just given - and she does have bound editions of several books so it’s not really cheating is it. And then who'd notice if I threw in a few of her other books? Absolutely no-one. (And if the little buggers, TO MY UTTER DISMAY, happened to go behind my back and sneak in Pat Conroy's The Lords of Discipline, Beach Music and The Prince of Tides, couldn't be helped now could it.)

And then I’d hope for the books to have razor-sharp pages so I could use them to sever my jugular once I ran out of reading material. And the feral ones would rejoice for I'd be kosher.

Udge, your questions will be next, I hope. Yours involve opening the Floodgates of Hell so I've been avoiding them but I think it'll happen soon. I’d promise but I’m afraid of natural disaster getting in the way. No, reallly.

Me? I’m trying very hard to pretend Pessach isn’t happening (did you notice I created a drop-down menu for my
Tig?). Very, very hard. The first year of many. Seder tonight (tonight. Don’t ask).

I’d rather sit on a burning bush.



At 25/4/05 22:12, Blogger Diana said...


Oh, Crap! How could I forget Pern? And the Earthsea books. Damn. Such a cow, indeed. Told you I'd be haunting you. Good job. Very good job!

At 26/4/05 01:58, Blogger brooksba said...

Tons of fun books. I am glad to see that you did the meme. Then everyone gets to know what wonderful stories you love (even though we should have been paying attention to your 100 things list).

Seder was an interesting experience. I am glad that Deya and I were able to witness it and help sing.



At 26/4/05 02:06, Blogger d.x. said...

harry potter for sure.

At 26/4/05 02:25, Blogger Aaron said...

1)I can't think of one book I'd save. There's too many angles for one book to be sufficient. It's like only cherishing one person's opinion on everything. 2)Never had a crush on a fictional character, apart from a vague attraction to someone in Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks. 3) Dr Mukti And Other Tales Of Woe by Will Self. 4) Is as 3), brilliantly insane, grim, hilarious, preposterous tales completely devoid of hope or redemption.5) The Dummy's Guide To Deserted Islands

A x

At 26/4/05 12:01, Blogger Udge said...

An interesting list, as was to be expected. Did you really bring back 115 books from Canada? I'm impressed. I only managed 13.

Re the questions: the last thing I want is to reopen the gates of Hell, leave them until you feel like doing it.

At 26/4/05 13:19, Blogger CarpeDM said...

It's very weird leaving a comment on your blog when I'm sitting next to you in your flat.

But this is a cool list and congratulations to Aaron for mentioning the Dummy's Guide to Deserted Islands. That would be the perfect book.



At 26/4/05 15:17, Blogger Kristin said...

I think I love love all the same books I do. (I even have a Pernesse dragon on my back).

At 27/4/05 01:30, Blogger The Lioness said...

D: cow. Not talking to you.

B and D: Yey! Are those kisses you're sending me?? Portietis, I see!

A: :DDDDDD I actually believed you on the Dummy book you know, DM had to set me straight. How's the Self book?

D.x.: What are we going to do when she finishes writing them all is what I want to know!

U: I did bring 115 books back, exactly 115. I had to buy an army duffel bag to be able to bring them home, thank God we're allowed 2 bags transcontinentally. And don't worry, I'm perfectly able to keep avoiding it, have been doing it brilliantly so far.

K: Yey! But we knew that bcs of that post I wrote w the Heinlein book title remember? A Pernese dragon? Really? Cool.

At 27/4/05 23:42, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Harry Potter- I can get behind that.

At 28/4/05 00:16, Blogger Aaron said...

The Self book was v.good. It's not often that you find a writer who speaks to you on your own wavelength, but I find that, in his grim ideations, twisted humour, grimy discombobulations in the heart of Neverwhere and Neverwas, evocations of a dark ruptured bum-cosmos, and fractured tales of stimulation and regret, Mr. Self does it for me. The Quantity Theory Of Insanity by the same author is also rather toothsome, if you like that sort of thing.

A x

At 1/5/05 04:44, Blogger sirbarrett said...

"Godspeed" Ha! That word rocks!

At 1/5/05 20:23, Blogger elswhere said...

I love love love The Inn at Lake Devine. Recently reread it. The acknowledgements at the end-- an extra little bonus, eh? I sort of choke up when I read the very last one.

Her other books are good too, but some better than others.

At 3/5/05 21:52, Blogger The Lioness said...

Isn't it though?? I choke up as well. I've only also read Isobel's Bed, and the next in line will be The Dearly Departed (got sidetracked by sheer book abundance).


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