Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Girls just wanna have fun

DM and Beth will land in 2 hours. How bizarre, to contemplate how much my little screen has broadened my world. I might yet ask them to be my guest bloggers, I'm simply breathing in and out without bruising the winged ribs. But there is a story about a cat, a butterfly and a lithe boy w a mop of wild hair that needs to be told. Bcs maybe - MAYBE - Gavriel touched me while I slept, and as I woke up, and as I breathed in and out two days ago. How else could it be explained.



At 19/4/05 23:17, Blogger amyesq said...

So good to see a new post from you. I hope you have a wonderful time with them!

At 20/4/05 05:38, Blogger brooksba said...

Are we really here? Oh, this is wonderful.

Racing through the airport at Lisbon, I kept looking around, thinking I would see you at any moment. And then you were there.

That´s the moment reality hit. That´s when I knew this dream trip was true.

Now I get to give you hugs in real life!


At 20/4/05 22:21, Blogger Dale said...


At 21/4/05 18:13, Blogger Lala said...

Lucky ducklings!


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