Thursday, May 04, 2006


That translation job, the one I've been slaving over since the beginning of March for up to 14 h a day? Through a series of incredible fuck ups not of my doing it fell through. Long, miserable story but all it's all bloody gone.

The (----):
That work, all that sacrifice has been for nothing, it will not be used at all. Nor will I get paid, can't be helped. Also, *hums Pink Panther bars* skin most displeased with it all and hands simply had to have a bit of a flare up. Their opinion on the whole thing, I presume.


The (+++):
I will now have time to study, which dramatically increases the odds of, say, my not failing this year. Am falling in love with the liver and its enzymology as we speak, hepatic encephalitis? Sexy little thing! [Liver also very tasty when fried with onions and rosemary. A winner all around, YEY LIVER!] I, as of now, also have time to be with E. I seem to recall he has blue eyes, which means our children [HA!] are doomed [no pun intended] but can't be helped either. Finally, the probability of my throwing myself in the river ou of translating desperation has been greatly diminished.

[Oh, quick detour on insomnia for the blissfully unaware. My falling asleep early and then waking up at 4 am IS, in fact, still insomnia. It's simply the sort I rarely get but one I'm nevertheless familiar with. It is actually one of the first words I bother to learn when learning a new language. And my becoming comatose easily these days doesn't translate into god sleeping either bcs my dreams are mad and I wake up entirely too bloody often. Sleep disorder still very much alive. Fell asleep after 4 am last night, see how I never disappoint?]

While comp cleaning last nigth I came across this post I don't even remember, from those ill-fated Krav Maga days and I thought it would provide a much needed cheery note. That's my alter ego, cheery:

He showered in the morning.
And then he showered right bfr Krav Maga.
And then he showered right after it.
And then he said My skin feels so dry and funny.
And then he said You know, it's not very nice of you to laugh.
And then he said Oh stop that.
And then he sulked.

Lioness Cheery Boom-bay!

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At 4/5/06 19:31, Blogger brooksba said...

It sucks to have put all that work in for nothing. Bah!

I am glad that you have more time to be with Loverboy.


At 4/5/06 22:11, Anonymous Kath said...

That is truly a kick in the head, dear Lioness. I'm so sorry you went to all that insane trouble for nothing.

But I'm glad you have a bit more time now, for studying and liver and life.


At 4/5/06 23:01, Anonymous noorster said...

I admire you for taking it so well.
If I were you I'd be running around slaying people with a dagger.

At 5/5/06 14:30, Blogger cat said...

Damn it all... you should get something for your troubles. Sorry to hear it.

At 5/5/06 21:12, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Oh, sorry, hard to put in lots of work and thoughts about something.

But you can keep translating for us!

At 11/5/06 18:47, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Mmm, liver. I never would have thought of adding rosemary. Now I am hungry. Which is good because I've had no appetite forever.

That sucks about the translating job but I'm glad you get to spend more time with Liverboy...okay, I did catch that I typed that wrong but I thought you would enjoy it.

Love you madly!


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