Sunday, October 01, 2006


It's been quite a while hasn't it. Sorry abt that, it's so unlike me to not write for so long. I finished exams and started classes right away and classes, well, they are exhilarating, I think I might just have some fun this year. But the schedule is a bit mad and what with the bloody office organising (almost finished, don't want to post pics till I have the rug in) and my post-27-exams crash I basically come home and crawl into bed almost immediately, falling asleep entirely too early and waking up entirely too early as well. I have been waking up on my own at around 6.30 every morning for the past fortnight. I am tired all the time, not desperate-tired like during exams, just tired from doing a lot of new, big things at once. I barely check my mail these days and the same goes for blogs, I hope I will become used to this new life soon and my body will let me be more awake soon, I want to be able to see how you're doing again. Tired and hungry all the time gets old fast - and yes, am eating like a beast these days as well, seems I can never get enough, oy vey the arse. As I said, hope this changes soon.

I'm off to Barcelona for a few days, have never been there so am quite excited. Well, quite is a bit of an exaggeration since I am too knackered to muster a proper degree of excitement. But I've always thought I'd love Barcelona. Actually, have always thought a priori that I'd be mad abt Sushi, Barcelona and Boston. Was right abt the sushi, we'll see abt the rest.

An easy fast for those of you who'll need it and everyone, have a brilliant week.



At 1/10/06 12:55, Blogger brooksba said...

Boston? Boston? That's easily within road trip distance for DM and I. When? You know, Minneapolis is much like Boston. And sushi. I'm not sure how they are alike, but I know it to be true.

I was sitting here, talking with DM and said, "Do you think J's posted? I check every day. I'll check now." Then there was much celebration and the skies sang. And fairies danced in vanilla fields (since we are of the non-chocolate loving bunch). Okay, I'm insane. Miss you terribly! Love that you're excited for school and hope that Barcelona is amazing and that many pictures are shared. Love you!

At 2/10/06 10:07, Blogger Noorster said...

Bon voyage, honey! I miss you, too - terribly.

At 2/10/06 16:37, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I echo the sentiments that Minneapolis is much like Boston. And sushi. Because, um, we have beans. Boston has beans. And we also have Boston cream pie (which is not really a pie. It is a cake. So Bostonians are lying about their desserts and you don't want to go see a bunch of liars, do you?).

And we also have fish. In fact, the Mall of America has this aquarium thing. Nothing like the oceanario, of course, but still fish. We like fish. And I'm a Pisces.

Yes, we are grasping at straws to get you to visit us. How did you guess?

Miss you much. Hope you have a great time in Barcelona!

At 2/10/06 18:01, Blogger Kirk said...

Hey wait.. *I* LIVE in Boston.

Honestly, I don't know where that "Boston Baked Beans" thing comes from, or at least where it's gone to, because I just don't see it.

As for Boston Cream, the most common implementation comes from Boston Kreme Donuts at the Dunkin Donuts coffee shops that sprout like mushrooms here.

Boston has most of the interesting places to hang out you might expect from a college town, a great whopping dose of history if that's where your interests are, a great waterfront, city lights, some nifty shops, fantastic museums, and so on.

So when you finally do get here, let me know!

Where in the USA have you been? Obviously I know NYC but not for how long...

At 2/10/06 18:01, Blogger Kirk said...

(And huh... I do like chocolate, but feel vanilla is ultimately the superior flavor.

At 2/10/06 21:39, Blogger Udge said...

Nice to hear from you again (though I must admit that I haven't been reading blogs lately so wouldn't have known).

Have a great time in B, it's a fine city & I'm sure you will like it - and if not you can always just spend the time asleep ;-)

At 3/10/06 15:35, Blogger Diana said...

Lovely! Travelling! Have a terribly grand time. Barcelona has always sounded very cool. Almost as cool as Minneapolis, which is, indeed, only a 1/2 day's drive from me.

At 4/10/06 22:11, Blogger Panda said...

Oh THERE you are. Not trapped under a versatile bookcase at all!

Fabulous that you might actually have fun this year at animal school. One should, you know.

Have been missing you terribly.

At 12/10/06 20:12, Blogger Udge said...


(distant sound of water dripping)

(grumps) Off having fun while the rest of us wait about for updates.

At 13/10/06 03:32, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

So, the insomnia thing, all gone?


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