Monday, November 01, 2004

A Confederacy of Dunces

I just received an email from Blogger Support. I want to draw some blood NOW!

You'd think they’d hire people who actually know what they are doing. Not once have I asked for help and received it, NOT ONCE!!! Read this post for their most flagrant ineffectual piece of advice. Go on, read it, my anger will not make sense otherwise.

So. Seems pretty simple doesn’t it. Even I realised reading it that there had to be an easier way, what kind of a feeble suggestion was that? Some proto-nerd sat in his cubicle scratching his head and thinking “Gee, what am I, like, gonna do about this shit? Noooo idea. [FURIOUS GUM CHEWING, POP!] I know, I’ll just tell them to sort of REVIEW CONTENTS to ID WIDE ITEMS, yeah, that sounds cool, ok.” The aggravation! How many people have they given the same NON-ADVICE to meanwhile? And you think they acknowledged my email with the FAST AND EASY pixel problem solution? Of course not, they’re too proficient for outside help. That would have been too considerate, too polite, TOO BLOODY PROFESSIONAL wouldn’t it!

And now, NOW they tell me my blackout was caused by the underscore in my URL, because it’s “ILLEGAL” (sic) and I should change it to “-”. Well, Blogger Support, that’s just BULLOCKS!

1) was down for days. DAYS. She finally figured how to retrieve her blog because I, not YOU LOT WHO GET PAID TO DO IT, gave her a hand.

Do you SEE an underscore anywhere in sight in her address? DO YOU? No. Because it DOES NOT HAVE ONE. And I did not forget to MENTION HER BLOG’S BLACKOUT when I wrote to you. Three times. It might be helpful next time to ACTUALLY READ what we write. We are NOT writing to you because we’re lonely, you gits!

2) is down. IS THERE AN UNDERSCORE HERE? No. Good boy.

3) If underscores are ILLEGAL, why are we ALLOWED to enter them when creating our address? Surely it’s a simple thing to block such nasty, havoc-wrecking and ILLEGAL characters. NOT THAT THAT’S THE REASON, YOU INCOMPETENT LOT! Because if it were - and I feel compelled to point this to you because I don’t trust you or your capabilities AT ALL - their blogs would have been ALL RIGHT.

PLUS: I changed "comments" to "roars", then felt it was naff and changed it right back. If you open some posts, like the one in the beginning of this text, it's still there. WHY???

ALSO: ever since I changed my template style I cannot enter paragraphs within the new post box. I must do it in Word. While it’s a good idea to first write your post as a .doc bcs, as we all know, Blogger EATS THEM, it is very annoying to have to work in Word every time I want to edit minor things.

Blogger Support, you are the pits. THE PITS!


UPDATE: I just lost my blog again. All I did was edit a post, I did not touch the template AT ALL. I am so bloody fed up with the whole thing. I want to kick some butt, I seriously do.

PLEASE SAVE YOUR CODE/TEMPLATE. We are at their mercy.

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At 5/11/04 18:39, Blogger CarpeDM said...

You know, since I've been working here, I've tried twice to access your site and been told that I couldn't because of the underscore. I thought it was something to do with internet explorer or our firewall. Now I'm thinking it's because of blogger. Anyway, yesterday I tried to access you all day and couldn't. Today I can. What's the reason?

It must be because yesterday was Thurdsay. Thor was ticked off and wanted to punish me for something.


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