Thursday, November 18, 2004

"Sonnets from the Portuguese"

Bloody disbelieving foreigners.

  • I’ve NEVER skinned a chicken in my life. I’ve helped pluck them though. Does that count? Very ethnic, you must scald them first and the smell is quite characteristic. We buy the gizzards already clean of stones and ready for human consumption. But I very much appreciated the vote of confidence.

  • I’m not pulling your leg at all with the gizzards. SERIOUSLY. Highly delectable.

  • Toxins, poisons, antibiotics etc may be present (residually or otherwise) even if animal was not ill, they simply build up more in some parts of the body.

  • Excelling and my cooking are not words often grouped together. I wouldn’t say I excell at it. I wouldn't say it at all. HA! *misery* Very tasty DESPITE me. And yes, gizzards and liver ARE traditional.

  • I do live in Lisbon and we do have some fine castles, one smack in the middle of the city. Makes for excellent thight workout, climbing all the way up there. Meh.

Bored now. As you were.


At 18/11/04 17:38, Blogger Ana said...

gizzards and liver, now that sounds good! maybe a I will take your recipe and I try to cook it myself (not a good idea probably)

At 18/11/04 17:46, Blogger The Lioness said...

Please, if I can't ruin it NO ONE CAN, believe me. Go on, give it a try and let me - US - know, we need to Portiefy the world!

At 18/11/04 17:49, Blogger Ana said...

I will try it (if my husband lets me) but I doubt we can convince anyone else (not Portie) to do it. I'll definitly let you know how it was.


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