Wednesday, December 01, 2004

In which she insults lurkers

NOW I've got it, I know why you don’t delurk, shame on you! It IS because I DON'T HAVE a digital camera isn’t it. Well, that’s very techno-racist AND unkind of you, you know. It’s no reason to belittle me is it, I CAN’T help it. You think I enjoy being The One Human On The Planet Who Doesn’t Own One?

Smug bastards.

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At 1/12/04 17:32, Blogger Noorster said...

I don't own one either. I hoped to buy one for myself for Hanukkah, but my bank account ran away screaming at the mere thought.

At 1/12/04 17:35, Blogger The Lioness said...

Ever since I started Vet School my bank account isn't even talking to me.

At 1/12/04 20:17, Blogger brooksba said...


Don't worry about not having a digital camera. The lurkers still love you!

Beth (hopefully a non-lurker)

At 2/12/04 05:17, Blogger Jen P said...

Lioness, ever since our mortgage became effective my bank acount banned me.

We don't have a digital camera either, but we luckily can borrow one from a very techie geek so that's good.

At 3/12/04 16:25, Blogger Ron said...

Last winter I bought my first house, after 7-8 years of very frugal living to save the money and pay off $20K in student loans. My father gave me his old digital camera; he's a tech junkie & makes way more than my education salary. The house was in bad repair, having been previously owned by a 60 year old alchoholic bachelor, but it was relatively cheap for my city. After about six weeks, one of the workmen stole my camera with over 100 house pictures. I think it was the carpet installers, but I don't really know. I have no 'befores' of my once ugly but now cute little house. I spent all the money I saved & more fixing this place up & now am paying a mortgage so I cannot afford a new camera either. F***ing thieves.


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