Wednesday, December 01, 2004

In which she is superficial

I could tell you about the time in July our PM defected left for the European Commission after two years of disastrous ruling that put us through economic hell; I could tell you about how our President didn't have the balls to call for early elections then and a very very incompetent man became our new PM; I could tell you about how this one man managed to single-handedly redefine "the pits" in four mere months; I could tell you how Ministers have been arriving and disappearing at lightning speed these last 2 years and a half to the extent that I could no longer be bothered to keep track of who did what; I could tell you about the consequences of the resignation of the Minister of Sports, Youth and Rehabilitation (such a purty name though), a prior PM Boy, five days after he was kicked from his Joint Minister position given the new office; I could tell you how he went kicking and screaming about “lack of loyalty and truth” as far as his former mate was concerned; I could tell you our President dissolved Parliament and we are indeed going to have early elections in Feb/March and how fabulous for our already very bad political and economic situation. I could tell you this could all have been avoided months ago.

But instead, I will tell you I got THE MOST BRILLIANT haircut ever and there are curls galore! Well, not curls exactly, waves. My new haircut rocks, it’s like Bed Hair but, you know, without the sex because this is me, it’s like I’m on a permanent convertible ride with top down, messy but not BAD messy, just SEXY messy. FUCKING FABULOUS HAIRCUT! And it looks as great when I’ve-just-got-up.

Where are the Free Dig Cam people when I need them? It’s all about iPods isn’t it.

Smug bastards.

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At 1/12/04 23:47, Blogger Ana said...

I am so depressed about thhis country sometimes. I wonder what will happen next.

At 2/12/04 00:20, Blogger The Lioness said...

Don't worry dahling, it's bound to be bad.

At 2/12/04 07:11, Blogger brooksba said...


I'm sorry about the political situation.

Congrats on the awesome haircut though! That is something to celebrate!



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