Monday, December 13, 2004


I was expecting to receive 1000 Euros for that copy-editing job I slaved over for so many months but - NO! I received 2500 Euros, which means - pay attention - WHICH MEANS I have 1500 more than I was counting on. And because I didn't expect this extra money,


does it, it stands to reason: it's FREE MONEY!!! OMIGOD, there's NO WAY I'll be sensible about this, NO WAY IN HELL! No matter how I look at it, it's too little to induce spending-paralysis and too much not to be put to great use, I've been good for so tiringly long with my money, received those 10.000 Euros from the TV show and applied it all right away [see "paralysis" above mentioned], the gods OBVIOUSLY WANT ME to have fun, it would be rude not to listen, RUDE, it needs to be freed I tell you, it's burning me, BURNING ME!!!

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At 13/12/04 20:50, Blogger brooksba said...


This is fun news! The only request I have is that you spend it all on you! Have fun, go out to a fabulous dinner and buy yourself something super special. Make a memory with this blessing. =)


At 13/12/04 22:01, Blogger The Lioness said...

Are you kidding??? 1500 euros is about $2000, you BET I'll ONLY spend it on non-essentials! No food, textbooks, fees or anything REMOTELY duty-smelling for these beauties! NADA DE NADA! See all the "!!!" ? That's how committed I am!

At 13/12/04 23:05, Blogger brooksba said...

Oh! I had an idea. You could consider a digital camera. Then those of us in around the world can see more of your photos. Just a thought. I'm planting a seed. ;)


At 14/12/04 09:44, Blogger Ana said...

That sounds great, good for you! I think the digital camera is a good idea.

At 14/12/04 11:25, Blogger The Lioness said...

Well, I have a prob with the dig cam. As much as i'd love to have one, i find it ridiculous to give 1000 Euros for a tiny tiny metal thing. I know all it can do but it seems like such a waste! So i can't imagine buying one bfr the price goes down really.

At 14/12/04 12:24, Blogger Noorster said...

Are you a shoes type of girl? Or a lingerie type of girl? Or a cosmetics type of girl? Or a books type of girl? Or a sitting in cafés all day long type of girl? Or....

At 14/12/04 22:18, Blogger Nevermore said...

Might I suggest allocating €1,000 to debt reduction, another €1,000 into savings for next tuition, and €500 into a long-term certificate of deposit...?

(ducks to avoid feline claws of death) ;)


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