Sunday, February 06, 2005

Pest Control - Part I

Do you know what make my hair stand on end, what makes me snarl and sharpen my talons [winged Lionesses have them so be quiet], what makes me want to go straight for the jugulars? Absolutism. Absolute people. People who ALWAYS KNOW BETTER. People who are ALWAYS IN THE RIGHT.

I recently did some major blog culling, I had people in my faves I hardly ever visited so I decided to go take a good look. We were not amused.

Let’s tackle the Jews first, shall we? For God has spoken, and he has said: go out and behave like the sun shines out of your fish-gefillted arse, go out and REJOICE whenever one of THEM is killed, rejoice in the killing of your fellow humans, more so when they are ARABS for Arabia, ahhh, Arabia, Arabia has no place in our world. In fact, it does make me more than a bit uncomfortable that God has, indeed, been portrayed to have said similar things. Now, God may speak and I may listen but above all I choose. I choose how I want to honour being alive and able to choose. I choose how I want to act regarding those whose choices offend me. I choose how much bias I will let colour my views. Because biased we all are, make no mistake, but we are the ones that decide how much of it we inhabit.

You know I’m Jewish and proud of my heritage. I think Judaism is special, yes. You don’t know what grief that heritage has given me bcs I choose not to talk abt it here. Let’s say being Jewish is something I have to fight for and leave it at that. You also know I’m fiercely pro-Israel. Recent events have clouded my need for Eretz Israel but I expect it’s still there, buried under the rubble (absolutely no pun intended). And it can’t have escaped you that the Arab mentality AS A WHOLE, its unavoidable cultural determinations and what they mean to all of us, Arabs and infidels alike, scare the hell out of me and I am every day thankful that I wasn’t born in a society where my choices, my way of life, my liberties may be severely restricted. Let’s face it, my hands will not be chopped off for stealing. I will not be stoned to death bcs someone whispered “adultress”. I will not be killed so my virginity can be restored w my death. I am also thankful every day that the government does not make me abort a viable baby bcs it’s a female or I already have a child, that I am in no risk of being doused in gasoline and immolated so my husband can remarry and receive yet another outrageous dowry, that I have access to such impossible miracles as water, food, hospitals, schools, that I am, at all times, allowed to speak my mind and live my life as I want.

Religion may give us a frame from which to work and it may shape us to different degrees but above all, we are individuals w a certain amount of baggage, w a certain amount of experiences, with a certain amount of individual responsibility. And that responsibility is to, above all, be the best we can. I find it profoundly disturbing when Jews show a clear and distinct superiority over THEIR ENEMIES, THOSE FILTHY ARABS, by behaving in the very way that has caused THEIR ENEMIES, THOSE FILTHY ARABS, to be just that. I will tell you I shed no tears over Arab terrorists being killed. I will also tell you that if our boys start behaving in the same way, using my favourite rhetoric weapon, the “Yes it is wrong BUT” - I will shed no tears either and I don’t care how many times a day they daven. As far as I’m concerned, they can daven all the way out to the furthest corner of the earth.

Because the day I let my Judaism cloud my judgement as a whole, the day I let it overrule my ability for compassion and for acknowledging grey areas, the day it turns me into one of those dogs one sticks on the back of a car, blissfully nodding Amen to everything just bcs it was uttered by a Chose mouth, that day I will have lost myself and turned into the sort of person I would not like to meet, let alone be. I could still be pious but as a person, I’d be a bit of a shit wouldn’t I.

I am never dismissive of other faiths, as long as the believer acts in a way I find acceptable - and of course I get to choose, see above, I’m neither a nodding dog nor a bloody sheep. Conversely, I will not respect you because you are Jewish. I’ll be INCLINED TO, I’ll be PREPARED TO, but I will not. I’ll respect you only if you are indeed worthy of respect. And if you’re not, I’ll feel ashamed for you - and bcs that’s my particular bias, even more so. It's my home you're soiling.

[I’ll address the rest in Part II, this got a bit longish]


At 7/2/05 07:14, Blogger Noorster said...

*nods head until it hurts*

At 15/2/05 16:40, Blogger Elder of Ziyon said...

It appears that you are mixing up Judaism with some Jews.

Not all religious Jews are bigoted jerks. Real Judaism encourages questions and is not afraid of those who ask them. And although I have not read your blog for long, I see nothing inconsistent between what you believe and traditional Judaism.


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