Monday, January 31, 2005

And he loves Buffy too!

[To fully appreciate the incredible synchronicity referred to in this post, please read this and this first. You may skip it but - your loss. TRUST ME.]

but this is getting better and better, you will NOT believe what I found!!! I know I KEEP saying it but it keeps being true, what else am I supposed to say? Read on, you'll see!

"Graydon Carter" on "snarky"

My dear Elizabeth:

In my inestimable wisdom I have reached the decision to exscind that chintzy and boorish lexical trinket "snarky" from the venerable yet paper-thin pages of Vanity Fair. This tawdry bit of media argot joins the ever growing list of proscribed vernacular never again to litter the sumptuously rich prose of our hallowed publication.

I have decided to take such drastic action after noting the proliferation of this utterly noisome term throughout the media omniverse. This journalistic desecration has sullied the formerly pristine pages of such august publications as the New York Times, Time, San Francisco Examiner, Slate, The New Republic, Chicago Sun-Times, San Jose Mercury News, and Washington Times along with the New York Post where it has manifested itself in no less than 5 articles. It has also peppered the speech of such celebrity non-entities as Tyra Banks and Weird Al and infiltrated the deliciously wicked prose of that literary harlot (and my much-maligned progenitor), Tina Brown.

And, oh, my dear Elizabeth, it has even blemished your effulgent, urbane sniping. This is too much. It is my mission to see this odium laid low. That said I must now go watch the unwelcome denouement of Buffy impatiently awaiting me on TIVO.

My apologies to Dominick Dunne.

Go here to read the rest.

I don't care that this was fabricated, it's just too bloody funny! Graydon II, I may just heart you a bit as well.

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At 31/1/05 22:11, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Of course he likes Buffy. What did you think, he'd be an Angel fan?

Sorry I didn't nominate your for Snarky. It sounds nice, though. You can put on your heading 'nominated for' - just like actors 'nominated' for the Oscar.

At 31/1/05 23:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like "exscind" very much. It looks just enough like a combination of "excise" and "rescind" to be a plausible $5.00 word, of which Vanity Fair contains a Fair amount (and is - justifiably? - Vain about).

Look at that..."Grayson's" got me goin' too.

At 1/2/05 02:38, Blogger Scully said...


I have missed you. I miss everyone right now.

Cool guy that Graydon is.

At 1/2/05 03:05, Blogger Kristin said...

Oh come one...can't we like Buffy and Angel? Love the "letter" from Graydon.

At 1/2/05 10:05, Blogger Ana said...

J, that was hilarious. I'm amazed at the things you find out there.

At 1/2/05 21:35, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Sorry, didn’t mean to impugn Angel’s reputation. I watch them both, the hunk and the little girl. But mainly for Cordy. But let’s not digress into TV terminology when Graydon Carter is just trying to write on paper.

At 1/2/05 23:14, Blogger Jack's Shack said...

I always preferred Angel to Buffy, the show that is.


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