Thursday, February 10, 2005

Soul(d) to the Foxy Devil

I, Dahlings, am the most recent Firefox whore (BRITISH VERSION, mind. SO refreshing!). Dany and Lord Chimmy have been convincing. That, and everything else I've read abt it.

++++ Things that make my heart soar already:
  • Select all is ctrl+A, as in Word. No more confusion and schizoid working personalities
  • HUMONGOUS ADVANTAGE: bfr, to insert paragraphs, i had to select all, choose bulleted list, then undo it, erase all spaces btwn paragraphs and THEN press enter where i wanted them. Otherwise it'd all be lumped together. EXTREMELY aggravating. Now, an Enter is an Enter and the sun shines on.
  • DITTO: I can write a post in word (in case Blogger EATS IT, as it is wont to do) and copy paste it and formatting is ALWAYS kept. Also, if I copy the post, erase it from the box and paste it again, why, formatting is STILL THERE!!!
  • Opening Edit Posts is much, much faster now. All saving is much faster. In fact, EVERYTHING is faster. That leads me to believe maybe it wasn't all Blogger, maybe a lot of it was IE. Still, as my American friends would say, I'm not fully convinced of Blogger's innocence, I have issues!

-----Things that curb this love already:
  • Yes, Dany, my drop-down menu DOES flicker when opened (VERY annoying)
  • The spaces between the links are HUGE (also VERY annoying) [Fixed]
  • Open documents are high on the page, most anti-anatomical
  • How the hell do I underline now? Ctr+U is gone! Well not gone, it simply goes where no cat's wanted to go before.
  • MORE IMPORTANTLY, why is the little pencil gone? You know, the shorcut for editing a post, at the bottom right corner? GONE. [Fixed]
  • And also, when I use Find within the template, it doesn't find a thing! None of the words exist in its little mind.
  • New HORRENDOUS one: when you have to fix a link inside a post, UNLIKE IE, Firefox anihilates the previous link when you open the hyperlink window. So, instead of just fixing it, you have to start all over again. ARGH!!!

Any of you F-harlots have any advice on how this can be corrected? And speaking of which, any tips? Words of caution? This is nerd territory, it's safe to comment. Do it anonymously if you will (BOOOOH) but tell me, why do you love it so? How has it changed your life? Sex drive? Diet? Will to live? Keep an eye on this post bcs I'll be updating the pros and cons.

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At 10/2/05 14:12, Blogger Savtadotty said...

I've been loving Firefox for about two months now. I was
adamantly NEVER an IE user, sticking stubbornly with Netscape to the bitter end, but there is one Israeli bank site whose name shall be nameless but it kinda rhymes with Mizerable and it happens to be the bank I've got welded to and their site won't open in any browser except IE. So if I want to see my pathetic negative balance I have to use the f*&%$#$g IE for that (potty-mouth grandma!) Nothing would please me more than to uninstall IE forever, alleluyia amen. And all the crappy spyware that it allowed to sneak in and build an indestructible nest deep in the kernels of my registry. Feh!

At 10/2/05 15:00, Blogger Ana said...

Can you believe I didn't understand a thing you wrote! Oh well.

At 10/2/05 21:33, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Please, let me know if it does change your sex drive or will to live. If so I'll rush out and buy stock. All the companies I work for require I use their stuff, always MS IE.

At 10/2/05 21:59, Blogger Savtadotty said...

This is so exciting: Blogger let me do TWO comments on your Firefox post. Must be the good F karma.Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you that something has gone awry with your links in this post. Some extra stuff at the end of each link URL (like %20target=_blank) that I'm sure we don't want.

As for that other techie stuff, when you find out how to underline, let us all know. And my Find doesn't work on any page, but I think it's a vengeful ghost of IE at work.

At 11/2/05 02:37, Anonymous Gail said...

I just wanted to say that your comment on Soper's site regarding the whole naming thing was the funniest thing I've read online all month. Thanks for the chortle.

At 11/2/05 04:23, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Well, I am happy to see that you've joined the Firefoxers. While Firefox is not perfect there is more hope for it than for IE. It IS updated more frequently, so that is a plus. The extensions are a bit of a pain because you have to find them, and sometimes there are bugs in the extensions, but usually you hear about them before you download them.

I also lost my pencil on the blogger editing page...haven't got it back, but I'm lazy and I haven't tried because I find it a minor annoyance (I thought it may have been related to my firewall, but probably not). I still have to use IE which is why I have the IEVIEW extension.

Give it a little time, and you'll figure out how to make it work out for you. I convinced a few of my coworkers to switch, and they swear by it now too. The best thing is now you can read my posts regardless of my small we can both be almost happy :) I do find that with firefox the spacing can get messed up when you use crtl+ or ctrl-, but it can be adjusted with a little effort. As far as the find problem I have ran into that a couple of times like when pages have some java script or active x. The link problem...just right click on a link and choose open it in a new tab or new window (personally I like tabbed browsing...less clutter).

Take time to check the extensions: tools>extensions>click on get more extensions. They can help with some of these issues.

Hmmm, how has it changed my life, sex drive, diet, or will to live? I would have to think about that...but I think they all made positive gains.

At 11/2/05 18:53, Blogger paulmonster said...

My life has experienced a sea change since acquiring Firefox. Ages from now I will dandle my great-grandchildren on my arthritic knees and wheeze tediously on the travails of life before Firefox, while they fidget impatiently. My will to live has also markedly improved; friends and family constantly ask me, "did you just get a haircut?" or "can you score me some of your drugs?" whereas I can only shrug and say, "Firefox, my poor, benighted friends, Firefox." My sex drive, curiously, has not been significantly affected. I'm corresponding with the manufacturers to correct this obvious oversight.

At 11/2/05 23:53, Blogger nonw said...

I'm a recent Firefox convert too. You are hilarious! Your title drew me in..I love weird phrases, and it's!

Anyway...gonna blogroll you if you don't mind! We'll figure out this Firefox together!

At 12/2/05 00:10, Blogger The Lioness said...

Gail, I thought the whole name series was hilarious! Becky, welcome, and yes, of course I don't mind. The title is from the quote in blue on the sidebar. DNA, got to love him!

Firefox hos [hoes? hose?] - am losing my patience w the thingy. Cursor keeps getting stuck way up there, and I've had to use IE to open comments on some blogs bcs F does not believe in their existence. Reluctant, as it were. BLOODY HELL!


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