Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My Lovely Ones KICK ASS!

Well, they do. To note:

Picture this: on the days when I don't have morning classes I settle on the living-room couch early and start sudying. There's a splash of sun near the book case and I place the beds there. Some scuffling ensues, in which the Dog will want to lie on the orange cat bed (v cute bed shaped like a cat's face, ears and all) bcs it's fluffier, Tripod (dark brown one) will settle next to her/on her witjout any worries, Tortoise will meow and whine bcs she too wants the orange bed but does not want to provoke Dog into playing w her (which could happen simply by cat moving) since Dog's idea of fun is to grab her by the neck while hovering over her and bark excitedly. Only one of them enjoys it. I sometimes have to get up and sort limbs out and reduce feline panic level. Then as the sun moves, so do I, so do they. I get up regularly to move the beds so they stay in the sun. And then there's bliss for a few hours, plus a lot of Vit D production.

Re Tripod, which is what I call her here bcs she only has 3 legs now, I had a disquieting conversation w someone while in Israel, along the lines of "if my dog/cat ever lost a leg I'd have to put him down bcs I couldn't bear it". NO!!!! THIS IS WRONG!!! Cats and dogs adapt extremely well to the loss of a limb and even eyesight. NO NEED TO PUT THEM DOWN. So if anyone reading this is in a similar situation please email me privately, leave a comment, talk to your vet, I don't know, do something but DON'T PUT YOUR PET TO SLEEP JUST BCS IT LOST A LIMB!

You don't know this but Dog is abt to leap and flee bcs, as we all know, cameras steal one's soul and her dense little brain has decided her soul is a good thing to have around. So she ALWAYS flees now upon seeing a camera. [For some reason, writing this reminded me of that scene in the Douglas Adams' book where the whale is falling, and so is the petunia vase. No, the petunia vase fell first. Or did it turn into the whale? I need to re-read them all, *she says, while staring loathingly at her Virology and Biochemistry textbooks*]

And so you know, the title of my blog comes from - oh never mind, check the blue text within the sidebar, I'll blog abt it some other time, this normalcy wore me out. But hey, BLOODY WELL DONE LIONESS! Kol hakavod.

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At 9/3/05 14:25, Blogger Dale said...


At 9/3/05 15:07, Blogger Ana said...

Love the pictures! Well done!

At 9/3/05 15:14, Blogger Kristin said...

We had a 3 legged kitty once upon a time. My sister brought her home from halfway across the state (4 hours away) to save her. Our little 3 legged kitty could climb trees with the best of them.

At 10/3/05 03:14, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Even worse than the people that won't care for a perfectly normal 3-legged animal are those that want an animal put down because they are moving or the animal "just doesn't fit their lifestyle" anymore?! My old vet refused to do such things, rather he'd take it upon himself to find the animal a new home.

This post reminds me...have you ever seen the video on the web of a 2-legged dog? It was born without front legs, but learned to run around on its hind legs. Totally amazing...and a little freaky to see.

At 10/3/05 05:22, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

Link to 2-legged dog:

At 13/3/05 19:36, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, they are so pretty.

Hello, kitties and puppy! Hello!

At 14/3/05 09:08, Blogger Jen P said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Much love to your 3 from my 2.

Purrs and sloppy kisses.


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