Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm bored.

That's it. I'm bored. [Despite this - I'm beginning to suspect they ARE serious.]





Please feed me any rubbish, any drivel that crosses your mind. ANYTHING!

Don't make me beg.



At 5/5/05 22:17, Blogger [ba] said...

Happy ____ Day

Okay, I can't think of any other links offhand. Although BBSpot is always a good place to find a few interesting bits of nerdery.

Also, am currently inspired to advise you to go somewhere public and just listen to the other half of somebody's phone conversation. Ideally a drama-ridden teen.
Hope you're well, Miss Lion.

At 5/5/05 22:33, Blogger The Lioness said...

Ben dahling, why does it take my despair to bring you out? Shy?

Loved the links! Actually knew Girls Are Pretty but had lost the URL. Good one on the phone talks - and just thought of another one, listening to old women talk. Sadly, it's 22.30 and I'm stuck at home boning up fopr exams. As I'll be for the foreseeable future.

I need a poisoned apple.

At 5/5/05 23:26, Blogger M said...

bored? it could be worse; you could be a prison guard about to be stabbed to death by an inmate, while the stab-resistant vest with your name on it sat in the prison's warehouse. click here.

but for boredom relief that is more fun and less deadly, try this. ninjas are cool, and by cool, I mean totally sweet.

At 5/5/05 23:30, Blogger cat said...

Faith The Dog

Cat Massage

there's a few snippets enjoy.

At 5/5/05 23:41, Blogger The Lioness said...

Oh thank you! And BORED is pretty bad, M. That Ninja site is bookmarked. Loved the cat massage, Cat! And welcome. ;)

At 5/5/05 23:45, Blogger amyesq said...

I always enjoy:

to get me through the boredom...

At 6/5/05 00:38, Blogger Jen P said...

My dear Lioness, this is the only site I ever go to when I am sad:

Something about those fine feline friends makes me smile.

I also sometimes go to Neopets and play the lame games because then I've got colourful distractions. And if I lose I can curse and feel validated in doing so.

I should send you a copy of my Zoo Tycoon. Entertains for hours. And animals!

Wishing you at least a couple smiles for today.

At 6/5/05 01:18, Anonymous Kris said...

There is always virtual bubble wrap when bored, or rock paper scissors...

Or the simple website

Yeah, I'm bored and boring... :)

At 6/5/05 01:19, Anonymous Kris said...

If you just want to do something though, there's always I think I may actually go play there for a while...

At 6/5/05 01:34, Blogger Aaron said...

When I am sore afflicted with existential ennui, I find that I am comforted greatly by curling up in my armchair by a roaring fire with Rory, my faithful hound, and drinking an entire bottle of Napoleon Brandy in under two minutes. It's amazing how the boredom just melts away. And everything else, for that matter. Sorry, this probably isn't helping much. Hope you are ok.

A x

At 6/5/05 06:41, Blogger Lord Chimmy said...

When you're bored the internet sure as hell isn't going to be a cure you! I've been giving myself little [real-world] assignments to keep the boredom at bay. Sometimes I feel like a kid who needs his mother to go tell him to play outside.

When was the last time you made a sock puppet or built something with popsicle sticks? Write down some bawdy limmericks. Put together a the very least model glue has a tendency to loosen you up;)

What am I talking about...I'm bored too.

At 6/5/05 10:20, Blogger brooksba said...


Of course we're serious! It would be fabulous to have you visit us.

I wish I had good sites to share. is a somewhat entertaining, but only for about five minutes.

Miss you much!


At 6/5/05 13:52, Blogger Diana said...

Meh. I got nothing. It's raining here.

At 6/5/05 16:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you're considering your next visit, can i throw hong kong into the pot? we could have a very fine time. and then a side trip to beijing or shanghai? or vietnam? or...COCO BEACH in the philippines? (okay, maybe not).

for frivolous fun, check out:

great reading.

and, COME AND VISIT US. yes, you would even have your own room. olivia the cat might want to visit occasionally and sleep in your suitcase though....

thinking of you.
xo tess

At 6/5/05 17:04, Blogger " said...


Ok. SO strong bad is like the best suggestions. But here's a good one:

Make snow flakes digitally like you used to do in elementary school. I find this site to be totally soothing.

-Egg Donor

At 6/5/05 18:29, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Yes. We are serious. You're coming to Minnesota, dammit. Don't make me cover over there and get you.

I threatened to hijack your comments and here goes. We (Beth and I, she is known in comments as Brooksba) want Johnny to visit us in August as a way to thank her for our lovely trip to Portugal. Since she is a stubborn cow and threw a fit just because I left a couple of books behind for her to read and paid her back for buying me batteries for my camera, she refused to even discuss the idea of me putting aside some money to help her get here (Which is proof of my love for the lovely Lioness, I rarely save money). Because of that, I brought google's adsense back to my site and have determined that any money I make from this is going to go towards the Johnny fund.

Come on over and click away. We're up to almost 8 bucks! This rocks! And hey, you could all come to Minnesota in August as well. Come join me in my humid, over-mosquitoed state. It'll be fun. We'll go to the State Fair, stare at animals (Johnny's idea) and eat tons of junk food (my idea).

Johnny, think of all the used bookstores here. Your boredom would be a thing of the past.

At 6/5/05 18:45, Blogger DeadBug said...

My I recommend


At 6/5/05 19:54, Blogger The Lioness said...

Amy, Jen, Kris, tnx dahlings! (K, you're not boring, you're abt to pup, huge diff!)

Bugs sweetie, you may do whatever you want in here! Tnx for the link.

Aaron, I'm ok. But your kind suggestion would have me slip into a coma, single one single Mon Chéri will have my legs feelign watery. You're of stronger stock, aye.

Chimmy, I NEVER made a sock puppet or built something with popsicle sticks - are you mad?? But I miss my Lego Space station building blocks, haven't thought of them in ages! Uhmmm...

Beth and DM, I'm not talking to either of you, la la la!

Diana, I actually walked around naked in my flat - and then it hit me, it's warm! WARM! Oh blessed be!

Why, Tess, that'd be lovely. Actually, that WOULD be lovely. I could walk around saying "My people once owned this" - well, it's close enough to Macau, Malaca, etc. *SIGH* I would LOVE to! Maybe you and MC could come here instead? Just around the corner after all!

Egg Donor, this: "make snow flakes digitally like you used to do in elementary school" has to be one of the most bizarre things anyone ever said to me! I'm from Portugal we do NOT make snow flakes at all - ever! And my snow flake was all boo, I can't do scissors digitally either, it'd seem. But hey, tnx! And welcome.

At 7/5/05 23:37, Blogger Daphna said...

Baking. Best cure for boredom I know. And the best part is that after you bake, you eat, and have a nice sugar high.

I have an amazing recipe for spicy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Just let me know...

At 10/5/05 21:41, Blogger twisteddragonfly said...

Personally I would go with Aaron's idea. What a lovely way to beat boredom!! Who's with me?
And Lord Chimmey, why don't you go play outside for awhile. Perhaps the model glue has loosened you up a bit too much?
Me? I have no good ideas. Well, I do, but I can't seem to get any of them to stop flitting abt my brain long enough to land on one.. Did I mention I have ADD? HA!!

At 13/5/05 17:08, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

• Go to this site.

• Read the current strip.

• Then, go back to the beginning and watch the stories and characters evolve.

• You'll even see me if you stick around long enough.

At 4/12/05 22:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found this really interesting site..

If you read the stories you would think this dude (the author) is crazy, but when I checked out his main page
HREF="”> www.mzarb.comit turned out that he is actually rather sane...never judge a book by its cover I guess ;)

At 4/12/05 22:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry the links did not come good..

the embarrassing site is

and his main page is

hope you enjoy and that it makes you less the way I like your blog..keep it up!


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