Friday, June 10, 2005

Happy endings

THE TRIVIAL - I'm Number one! And have you taken a good look at my travelling companions, as it were? I'm so happy to be on the metaphorical side of that.

THE DEADLY SERIOUS - My Tweedle's boyfriend had a recurrence of his 2003-diagnosed brain tumour, an oligodendroglioma. He'd had surgery and it was a huge thing, 8 cm (3.15 inches), but low malignancy (T2), much to the doctors' surprise. He had radiation also and things seemed alright. About a week ago they were having dinner and he started slurring his speech and lost upper body motor control. We feared he might be brain-bleeding so off to the ER it was.

[BRIEF DETOUR: when you get your driving license and then NOT drive at all, do not expect your best friend to be particularly kind when you have trouble getting the car in the garage bcs driving skills, unlike mana, do not fall from the sky, and people also learn how to drive in order to be better prepared for emergencies, especially when one lives outside of Lisbon and one's hospital is in Lisbon. And when the words "brain hemmorrhage" are actually said outloud, kindly refrain from. WASTING ANY TIME swapping account numbers - WTF??? - and kindly get your ass out the door and into a taxi as soon as possible bcs, you know, had he been BLEEDING FROM HIS BRAIN he might just have ended up on the floor convulsing for dear life AND HOW OLD ARE BOTH OF YOU AGAIN? So yes, I will not be in the best mood possible when you leisurely show up ONE FULL HOUR LATER when the drive takes only abt 15 min at that hour and what part of BRAIN HEMMORHAGE did you fail to understand? And yes, I am using the internet to shame you. Bite me.]

He was given anti-convulsants and told to see his own Dr, which he did the next day, at which point a nice hospital bed and menu became mandatory. He had surgery this Monday and it was a big tumour again, 6 cm x 3 cm (2.36 x 1.18), but no lung metastases so we think low malignancy again, same tumour. He, being strong as a bloody water buffalo, wakes up from every general anaesthesia hollering for a juicy steak, and avidly negotiates solid food with the nurses - invariably losing - while in the ICU. He was discharged yesterday - strong as a water buffalo, as I said - and today is his birthday, so that was one marvellous thing. Chemo will start soon and hopefully, this will be the end of it. And yes, he may even want some steak to go w it. Or so I’m hoping. But if he does vomit, I'm sure I'll be by then fully able to explain to him EXACTLY HOW VOMIT WORKS, and he'll feel that much better.

I haven’t written abt it bcs frankly, I couldn’t. ENOUGH OF THE BLOODY MISERY ALREADY FOR FUCK'S SAKE! My poor Tweedle. Well, my poor Tweedle is one hell of a warrior and has been taking this fabulously, as Tweedles are wont to, to the extent that she is actually, and has been, feeling rather good and not unduly stressed. This too shall pass and in the meantime, there’s Shiatsu and drinks with the girls. More power to her. Long live the caipirinha! [Ky-pee-ree-ña, made w cachaça (kuh-sha-suh). Should be served in an old fashioned glass, use wooden pestles only.]

This is a painting called Fame, Fortune and Glory by Jayr Peny, a Brazilian who now lives in Portugal:

Fama, Fortuna e Glória (Jayr Peny)

We can all use some beauty, and copious amounts of alcohol, I think.

Shabbat shalom.

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At 10/6/05 13:09, Blogger Savtadotty said...

I have a wooden pestle! From Japan! How cool is that?

At 10/6/05 13:24, Blogger Diana said...

The trivial- You DID print off and frame that ranking, right?

The deadly serious- Fuck. What type of brain tumor? And thank God, no mets, what ever sort. How horrible. Enough with the having to be strong, already!

At 10/6/05 13:41, Blogger Stacey said...

So sorry to hear about your Tweedle's boyfriend. I am hoping he can beat this.

At 10/6/05 13:49, Blogger The Lioness said...

It was an oligodendroglioma, we think it's the same tumour now.

Thanks, we do too. Things look good, he's really very strong and low malignancy (G1 and G2) is very good news. Since it's not benign to start with, that is.

At 10/6/05 14:57, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Silly me - I thought you were first in your class after all those awful exams. Seems it was a bit more... unseemly.

Hoping your friend's boyfriend is going to be okay. He's gotten through it once, so that's already a pattern!

And I LOVE that painting!

ps How's Loverboy?

At 10/6/05 15:01, Blogger Bubbi said...

I too love that painting!
Bless the man--I hope he eats steak through out Chemo!

At 10/6/05 15:29, Anonymous Amanda B. said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's boyfriend. :(

Thailand hot a** f***??? What the hell? I wish I worked for Google, you know they are the most "educated" people alive.

At 10/6/05 19:07, Blogger brooksba said...

Please send my best wishes to your Tweedle. I know she has to be worried. Lots of love to her.

I liked seeing the painting again. It reminded me of being in Portugal at your place and seeing it every day on your desktop. Lovely.


At 10/6/05 21:33, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I second that about the painting - it is a reminder of seeing it on your desktop. Last night, Beth, Char and I sat in the car and listened to Hazard and thought about you while we sang somewhat off key. It was great (not that I'm insinuating that you sing off key. I am not).

Please say hello to your Tweedle in the Portie way for me and my warm thoughts to her and her boyfriend. I hope he will do well.

At 19/6/05 22:44, Blogger W. S. Cross said...

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At 20/6/05 00:28, Blogger The Lioness said...

Yes, quite lovely. Who doesn't love a good brain tumour after all?

Small piece of advice: before you spam, do be bothered to at least take a look at the post. Might save you some grief bcs now I am awake and pissed off and in full spam mode myself.


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