Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Am I going mad? or what to do when hallucinations start

I was watching the BBC coverage of the matzav yesterday and there was the slightest hint that Israelis might just not be, I repeat, might NOT be pigs.

I am watching that nice, well-spoken Saeb Erekat being interviewed from Jerusalem [is that Prada?] and my mandible has joined my toe ring, the journalist is scolding him - scolding him! - bcs the Palestinians did elect Hamas for the government willingly and what did they expect from the Israelis then. And now the journalist is berating the Palestinians again! [Erekat's response: in their defence, Hamas has not fired a shot against Israelis all year, one shot. I think these Palestinian leaders think our leaders divert humanitarian money into their bank accounts as well and we are too starved and uneducated to think properly. I am so relieved Hamas has only been suicidebombing Israel, if they'd used guns they might have injured someone.]. And the journalist is now calling the Palestinian Gov powerless in a most disapproving manner! [Response: Abumazar's hands are tied and frankly, no one is helping him much are they. I mean the Israelis... And the Hamas... What's one single man to do under these circumstances.]

Personally, I think if the Israelis had a modicum of strategic sense they'd have celinedioned the region long ago and we'd have had peace for a good while now.

[Notice how daftly I have avoided mentioning all sorts of liquidy news that start with a T. Did you notice then? I AM that good.]

(And I agree with Imshin.)


At 18/7/06 19:25, Blogger brooksba said...

It seems unbelievable, but I think the governments of the world and leaders from around the globe are really starting to understand that Israel is doing the right thing. I am getting that vibe. It's a little hidden on the news, but even the troll, who I abhor, was caught on camera when he thought the mic was off saying supportive things about Israel.

I really wish this was not happening, now or ever, because of the lives that are being hurt, but do have to admit I agree with Israel.

At 24/7/06 20:16, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I love the celinedionned thought. I bet that would help take care of the problem. "You get along! Or else there will be Celine Dionne to sing!" And peace would reign because she frightens every one.


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