Monday, July 10, 2006

This post brought to you by Smoked Reindeer Meat

A bit of an oy va voy really, now that I'm chewing it. Too fatty, too salty, oh nothing good could ever come of snow [snow! *snort*] and I should have known better. Horrific.

[Was just reminded of a story abt how there was a song called I should have known better eons ago and how my mum won a radio contest bcs of it but it's funny and and I am fully determined to write a depressing post.]

Biochem exam on Friday was quite horrific, Imagiology today equally horrific, the thought of having to ever look at those particular textbooks even more horrific. There are other adjectives but they too are horrific, everything is, so why bother. I was determined to write it down within a post, biocontainment of sorts. I thought it might not seem to hopeless then. I was so very wrong. It now looks hopeless in writing as well. Horrific. I have two days to memorise all things anatomically pathological bfr the next exam on Thursday, TWO WHOLE DAYS. I am so mad at my colleagues for being the greatest amoebas that ever breathed and only waking up to wring their hands and wail in the mailing list, and for ensuring we're treated with such respect - so mad, in fact, that I've emerged apathetic from the other side. Sie koennen mich alle mal.

And do you know, Uzi is also horrifically dead. And I know that bcs I am watching an Ally McBeal rerun and I cannot ring him and tell him abt it so we can laugh together. I could, and I am quite sure his answering machine would talk to me again and I don't see how that would be any less horrific. Watching Ally McBeal on the kibbutz was a humungous production that required gallons of coke, garinim galore and at least 5 people piled up on every flat and not so flat surface. Lila used to say she reminded her of me - not bcs we look alike but bcs our faces are equally mobile and mine gives me away equally often. So yes, Ally McBeal, which I've been desensitising myself to watch again bcs I simply need to be able to watch it bcs now I'm doing it for two. HA! A bit like a Pregnancy From The Crypt.

And do you know what a man said to me today? He said I don't understand how one person can need so many bags. I repeat, I don't understand how one person can need so many bags. I said, quite calmly [Which Surprised Her For He Was Blasphemous] You are a man [bless], how could you possibly. And he [bless] said Even if I were a woman I wouldn't need more than two. Bless him.


At 11/7/06 00:01, Blogger Panda said...

Pshaw! Shows what a terrible woman he'd make then.

Monkey Boy has learned better than to comment of my need or lack thereof for more bags.

At 11/7/06 01:09, Blogger Viscondessa said...

Which reminds me. I went to another clothing swap the other night and ended up coming home with a sort of tan panther-print bag. Rather cute, really, but can you imagine me carrying around panther print? (I have gotten past the too-much-black-clothing thing, btw, so it's not totally inconceivable that I would use it someday. I'm really into red lately. You'd be proud of me. Blame it on S's intervention.) Anyway, it's not PINKpantherprint, sorry to say, so there's no mocking irony to be had here, but let me know if you think you might want it and I'll bring it in Dec. Because one can never have too many bags. xxoo

At 11/7/06 04:18, Blogger Diana said...

And, yet, you let him live. He must be The One.

Ally McBeal. THAT'S what I need to watch. After Veronica Mars. Which you, damn you, turned me on to. I'll raise a hand to you and Uzi when I watch each episode. I actually watched the first season or so, years ago, but then a dumptruck of THINGS got in the way. I'll rectify the situation. "Hang in there, baby", as the old ads over here used to say. Much love, of course.

At 11/7/06 05:16, Blogger brooksba said...

During my college years, I was known to watch a few episodes of Ally McBeal from time to time. It was pretty good the first couple of seasons.

Sorry about the exams. Yuck. I echo Diana's sentiments, "Hang in there, baby."

Bags? How many do you have? If it is less than 500, it can't be too many. (This spoken from the woman who actually only has one and tends to not bring it with her everywhere unless the need for a camera is arising.)


At 11/7/06 14:34, Blogger Cat, Galloping said...

Oh, but one can never have *enough* bags, let alone too many! There are sizes, and seasons, and fashions to match...

At 11/7/06 18:31, Blogger Dale said...

You know, this cluelessness of L's is beginning to grow on me. It's so straightforward. You must always know where you stand :-)

Hugs to you.

At 11/7/06 19:34, Blogger Kath said...

How *gasp* one could need so many BAGS? He's saying that like it's a bad thing.

So sorry your exams are horrific. Halt durch, Kleine. And about the Ally McBeal thing -- I am endlessly sorry about that. Beijos.

At 12/7/06 02:37, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

It's not that we NEED so many bags, it's that we have so much BAGGAGE.

At 12/7/06 07:55, Blogger Noorster said...

Got to love Loverboy's entertainment value :)

At 12/7/06 20:47, Blogger Serialangel said...

Hmmm, haven't watched Ally McBeal for ages. It used to be the programme that would bring me and Dad together whenever we had our little arguments...and when it finished (just like that too!!) I cried horrifically (sp?) for ten minutes and promptly got over it. I miss that kind of cryng, it was so efficient.

Loving Loverboy - I'm sure you can never have enough bags. I only have 7 so far!! Seven!! I know I'm only young but I'm passing gorgeous bags everyday and it pains me that I can't buy any of them... xxx

At 14/7/06 17:47, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I actually only use one purse at a time because I seriously hate switching from purse to purse (or bag to bag, whatever) but I still get this. I would love to own more but I have very strict purse rules. Must have long enough strap to fit over my shoulder and hang to my hip. Must be large enough to put at least one hardcover book in. Must not be horrifically ugly. There is usually only one bag that will fit my requirements that isn't a laptop case and it is always black and kind of boring.

My true addiction is organizers. I love them and always promise I will use them and never do for longer than a month.

Stupid exams. They must stop now.

I'm sorry about not being able to call him. I'll be thinking about you. Beijos.


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