Sunday, June 25, 2006

Everyone shut the bloody hell up!

Portugal just beat the Netherlands, 1:0. Not only was I made to jump out of my skin on a regular basis throughout the game, what with the fans sitting outside watching the game in a cafe that seemed to be located right in front of my window, but I am now forced to listen to the honking and yelling on the streets, I NEED TO STUDY, IT'S ONLY STUPID FOOTBALL, EVERYONE CALM DOWN.

They are exhausted. Exhausted.




At 25/6/06 22:19, Blogger K|nneret said...

Agreed. They all need lives! Comgrats on the great marks!

At 25/6/06 23:40, Blogger Serialangel said...

Hi! - oh gosh, I know exactly how you feel...we had another england match today, and I have two exams in the next 2 days. Not only did i have to spend half the day on a building site, before my Dad - previously an intelligent man - drive like a maniac to catch todays England's match, the street is now swathed in red crosses. And we won. So it continues. At least the whole town is empty during the matches cos then I can enjoy shopping.

Join the conscientious objectors, its fun! Congrats on your team winning, it was funny to watch. England somehow make winning so dull. :)

At 26/6/06 02:33, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Most people in the States couldn't care less about soccer/football. Although, I confess, I did kind of have my eye out for Portugal. Now that I know someone from there, you know.

Loverboy's happy, you're happy. If not frustrated.

Sweet dreams. :-)

At 26/6/06 04:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How life is different in America: We don't have a TV at home, and without actually looking for a place to watch the games, you wouldn't even know they were happening. Today we were walking to the grocery store and we passed a cafe that had a tiny TV behind the counter tuned to the match for the Latin American guys working there. Portugal-Netherlands, of course. S went in and stood forlornly near the counter, instantly transfixed by the match, clearly longing for a TV of his own. Everyone else in the cafe was ignoring the game. So I left him there to watch while I went to the store, came back 20 minutes later, and he was still standing in exactly the same spot. (He doesn't even LIKE football. It's that male Portuguese gene kicking in, really.) He managed to walk out of the cafe without even turning his head away from the screen. Then he had to content himself with looking at pictures from the end of the match online. Coitadinho. xxoo V.

At 26/6/06 09:34, Blogger brooksba said...

I was just about to say - this seems to be the one good reason to live in America. We've been eliminated already and no one cares all that much. Sure, there are some fans, but nothing like what you're dealing with.

I hope they all got quiet and you've gotten some studying done. You deserve peace and quiet.

At 26/6/06 17:21, Blogger Diana said...

I did see the Portie/Mexico match last week. I did cheer, but quietly and dignified. No persons were disturbed, at least none worth mentioning...

At 26/6/06 21:21, Blogger Udge said...

Yeah, it's a bitch. Stuttgart is international enough that there is a "corso" (honking flagwaving car parade) until midnight whoever wins.

Good luck with the exams!

At 27/6/06 14:08, Anonymous Kath said...

Yeah, I was thinking of you and your hatred of the hooplah surrounding the World Cup, and quietly hoping for Portugal to lose so you can get some rest and peace and quiet. But alas, no.

I can imagine Loverboy was in quite a state. Everyone was in quite a state during that game, it seems... The referee handed out yellow and red cards so fast he looked like a windmill. Dignified it wasn't.

Good luck on your exams!! Congratulations on your news from Friday. Well done you!

At 27/6/06 15:08, Blogger portuguesa nova said...

Oh my God. I am ashamed to admit that even I (only Portuguese by marriage, not a sports fan, an American who knows absolutely nothing about soccer) got all worked up about this game--it was so dirty and evil and underhanded and farcical. I had to leave the room during the never ending six minutes of stoppage at the end. That was the dirtiest game I've ever seen. I might even like football a little tiny bit right now.

Antonio did not leave the couch for the entire game (not even to smoke, which is typically something that needs to be done every five minutes), and when it was over, he was seriously drenched in sweat.

He spent the rest of the day on the phone with half of Portugal rehashing the whole thing. (Has he called you yet?)

Ganhamos!! (any excuse to employ my meager vocab)

At 28/6/06 10:33, Blogger Panda said...

Monkey Boy is ready to declare war upon Spain tks to Australia being robbed ROBBED (he says) by the Spanish umpire.

Also not much sleep in this house, and it aint the baby keeping me awake. Stupid soccer.

At 28/6/06 17:51, Blogger CarpeDM said...

I was somewhat excited to see Portugal on the tiny little scrolling thing on ESPN at karaoke on Sunday. I like seeing Portugal. Not enough to watch the game but that's not the point. Glad they won but hope everyone will shut up for you.


At 1/7/06 07:42, Blogger paulmonster said...

Okay, I'm just gonna say this because I feel like it's been this great weight on my chest and I've got to be honest with you.

I was cheering for Holland.

Yes, yes it was a farce and a ridiculous match and so on and so forth. But so help me, I was right there with all the other inebriated die-hards in Portland with our orange hats and our bitter outrage. Yes, I even have the hat. It's got a lion on it, don't you know.

Congratulations on the exams--



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