Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Abandon Hope, All Ye...

This is my life.

I cannot believe this is my life.

Welcome to 1st semester Biochem, and part of Microbiology [to note: Bacteriology, Viroloy, Immunology]. I've saved everyting that may one day come in handy - which means the whole of Biochem lies in that pile, along with my soul. This semester's Biochem pile will be even lovelier, 400 plus pages of absolutely useless information that I will never, ever need. If I ever manage to pass it that is. I swear I'll set them on fire when the day comes. And I shall howl and foam at the mouth and cackle madly and let my inner Biochem troll dance wildly abt the flames, like a very, very wizened faun. This is my nemesis, it's not even a language I understand. It is so much worse than bones. AND WE ALL REMEMBER THE OSTHEOLOGY NIGHTMARE THAT I CALLED LIFE FOR SO LONG, YES?

[I've just re-read the comments, look for mine, #11, oh the mirth, the mirth! Lioness, The Will-To-Live-Slayer-cum-Toothsayer.]

Pathological Anatomy tomorrow but LALALALA MUST READ INSTYLE NOW.



At 12/7/06 19:01, Blogger Diana said...

And, of course, a kitty has to sleep on the pile. They make good paperweights, do they not?

Now comes the point where I tell you that you may just as well throw the lot out now and save yourself the trouble of storing the mess for 10 years, but then you won't believe me any more than I did those who told me the same thing, way back then. I am heartily sorry for the biochem. There are not words to express my sorrow for the biochem.

At 12/7/06 19:58, Blogger brooksba said...

Does not sound like a good time. Does it help that I think you are one of the most intelligent people I've ever known and if there is anyone would could do it - it's you? Because I do believe that.

I miss you.


At 12/7/06 20:41, Blogger Serialangel said...

Eek! Oh you poor, gorgeous lady. I'm starting my degree in the autumn and you've got me spooked at the thought that I may be living in the library at an even higher degree...

I'm sorry you have to learn a new language, but hey you can spook unsuspecting arseholes if they annoy you with your own biochem vocabulary...see a sliver or silver for every grey cloud. Yeah? Yeah, really :)

Read Instyle and procrasinate - its whats learning is all about darling. Love you!! Betty xx

At 12/7/06 21:26, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Please, be sure to take the pile outside before setting them on fire? And I agree, do it right after you pass the exams, no need to keep forever.

At 12/7/06 23:49, Blogger Panda said...

I have a trunk - a TRUNK - full of all my uni notes, handouts, witty thoughts, etc. I cant bear to part with them, but I seriously doubt I'll ever look at them again. So much of my heart and soul went into producing those bits of paper for so many years.

Enjoy the fire.

At 14/7/06 17:51, Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh yuck. At least Hum-Hum provides a beautiful constrast to the horrendous amounts of paper.



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