Monday, July 03, 2006

Sightseeing in Tel Aviv, HELP!

All right, this is both for Beth and for Shrimpy, whose friend/brother are going to be in TA soon.

I really don't know TA all that well.


[Do bookshops count?]

Yes, yes, I was a kibbutznik [MUCH better fashion sense though] [eh, not that it takes much] [er, sorry]. I loved being away from the madness of the city, loved stepping out of the room and being amidst the birds and trees and shrubs and Palestinian Mole Rats (an actual animal, don't be silly). I even loved the refet smell, what you want from me? I dislike Techno and the other lovely musical style whose name I cannot remember, that alone severly affected my noctivagal habits. The best fun I had clubbing in Israel was actually dining-rooming, a few stacks of hay to protect against the cold, an 80's DJ and let's show these soldiers-to-be off properly! Fun, fun, fun. FUN! Also, going to TA w Uzi meant book-hunting, full-stop, that's all we wanted really.

Other than Yaffo am a bit stumped. Not to mention restaurants and such. Will even allow anon comments for this one, and tnx in advance.



At 3/7/06 16:02, Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Can't help with Tel Aviv, but I feel similarly with Chicago. Since I left it's suddenly got trendy, and considering I spent twenty-five years living IN THE CITY PROPER I have no clue what's cool. The tourists know more than I do.

At 3/7/06 20:34, Anonymous rappy said...

Well, there's the beach as an obvious start.

Neve Tzedek is a lovely neighbourhood that underwent significant gentrification in the last decade. Beautiful houses, nice clean streets (for the most part).

On Tuesdays and Fridays there is the Nachalat Binyamin crafts fair on Nachalat Binyamin street, starting at David square (right by the shuk). Friday is more crowded, but there are many more artists displaying their wares.
Sheinkin street has lost a bit of its edgy-ness, but it's still an interesting experience.

The port (north end of the beach, around Rokach street) is BEAUTIFUL. It's been redone in recent years and has awesome wooden decks and great cafes with super comfy seating.

For food, there are a ton of great restaurants along Rothschild street, and some fantastic ones along Ha'arbaa street. Onami is a pricey yet wicked good sushi place, Tapeo is a funky tapas place, plus a bunch of others.

That's all that comes to mind right now...

At 3/7/06 20:48, Blogger brooksba said...

You are awesome. I hope you understand that. I'll be checking all week for interesting places now to let my friend know about. He's not the clubbing type (he's going for more sightseeing and religious reasons). I've heard about the beach and wondered if there were certain architectural or museums or places like that to make sure not to miss.

You rock!

At 4/7/06 10:33, Anonymous noorster said...

Basically what Rappy said.
I can't really think of a museum or historical sight that you can't miss seeing in Tel Aviv. The lovely vibe, however, should not be underestimated.
They can pop over to Jerusalem for history and religious stuff, but I really do think they should spend a couple of days here, walking around, soaking up the atmosphere and drinking coffee.
This is, after all, the first truly Jewish city in the world and home to the largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings in the world.

At 4/7/06 10:43, Blogger Ana said...

Good idea! I'll be reading all the comments avidly!

At 7/7/06 05:21, Anonymous noorster said...

Also, as I've just discovered, both Time Out Tel Aviv and Time Out Jerusalem have English editions that can be accessed online. Kleek.


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