Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dull, dull, dull, dull (except for the Quiet Foxes)

I'm holding an espresso cup that I (misteriously) found in my cupboard and it's now half-filled with passion fruit liqueur.
I took 2 sips and my hands are heavy typing this.
I think I'll be alright tonight.
(I also posted this thrice)
[NOTE TO SELF: do NOT EVER touch this shit again, Self, or I'll be forced to kick your sorry arse. You ALWAYS forget you get the hangover BEFORE you even go to sleep and I am fairly sure you DO NOT relish still being up at 1.36 nursing a BLOODY MIGRAINE that bizarrely settled ON TOP of your head. Next time STAY WAY FROM THE LIGHT.]
[UPDATE: when I wrote that note I had already taken 3/4 of a Numbom pill, which I dislike bcs I'm absolutely knackered the next day and my head and neck feel physically heavy and it's hard work to keep them vertical, head keeps tilting sideways. But it did work and I must have fallen asleep at around 2.30, which, let me tell you, is BLOODY BRILIANT! Should have skipped the BEVERAGE FROM HELL and gone straight for the pills. I woke up w/ alarm clock at 11.30 still migrained and nauseous but 2 Ibuprofen tablets and loads of green tea have turned it into a not so annoying headache (plus I'll live MUCH LONGER now). I think the migraine might also have been caused by MOST SEVERE COKE DEPRIVATION since I only had 2 yesterday, on purpose. None today. OH GOD!!! Before you know it, I'll have saved coke drinking for very special occasions and will have quit smoking as well - and will then be utterly viceless, how very BORING of me. I want to go back to sleep RIGHT NOW but will stay awake. It would help if the weather were not as grey and oppressive as it is.
If you really, REALLY read this, which is NO DOUBT the most APPALINGLY dull post in the world, you need to be rewarded for extreme loyalty or low intrigue threshold, or simply compensated for lack of own life. Allow me to share this BREATH-TAKING THING OF BEAUTY with you (this is THE one link you should click on, you WILL NOT REGRET IT, I promise.). Are you ready for the QUIET FOXES? No one ever is, I suppose. But I hope you will enjoy it.]

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At 20/10/04 02:52, Blogger brooksba said...


I'm sorry the experiment doesn't seem to be working as well as you hoped. My thoughts are with you.

I also have the same problem with alcohol. I don't really get the headache, but I get the body aches and it makes it hard for me to sleep.

I wish I had a solution for you. =( Just know your well-being is something the Sheepsheadians wish for.


At 23/10/04 14:24, Blogger Marg said...

go Passion Fruit liqueur!


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